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  • Yes it seems to have have happened again....I sent report to Support last time and did receive reward but now it seems it is an overall problem....and it happened on both servers this time. I think I am done doing these events--they hardly seem worth all the effort anymore. I truly used to look forward to the game and…
  • I do not have problem with a green screen thank god but i do have issues with trying to work my farms!! I have to click so many times to get anything done!! and along with that if i go to harvest something say a field my coops or orchards get harvested too! another things gets harvested as well. If i get any where close to…
  • Ok .. thanks so much WW... I will do that now.
  • I finally got another co-op member to actually respond to my inquiry as to their getting any rewards and apparently they did receive their rewards even tho they did not participate in the event...am feeling very disappointed.... thanks for any help/info
  • I received my first place reward on the US server for the Village Fair but so far nothing here on the International server. I worked long and hard on the Village Fair and was so looking forward to getting to choose one of the rewards...is this another glitch???
  • The US server was "updated" this am and all is gone in the Fairgrounds...the Horse Tourney says it is over??? and the Candy Farm is not to be seen!! how long will these be AWOL?? what a fix!!
  • I can log into International Farm but can not get into US server. Have tried several times to no avail.. is there an update or fix going on???
  • Sorry if this has been asked before but is there any info on the Co-Op Challenge Event that I can refer to? I have used the Search Option but just can not find any worthwhile info. I am not looking for any discourse on Co-Ops being number 1 or 2 or use of gold.. etc....just info that I can use when co-op members have…
  • Thanks for the clarification WW---I was so confused because for a day or two my game clock on the International server was showing my actually correct time (USA-MST). Guess I wont be doing many Happy Hours there! Have a great day!
  • Okay so Wish List event ended and on International server I had completed Chapter 4 and got as far as I could on the extra Chapter 5 snowflake collection but have no locomotive to show for it. I did get message on US server for option to buy the chapter 4/5 reward for gold as i wasn't able to complete Chapter 4 it due to…
  • I am no where close to leveling up--- over 637 K needed so CONGRATS to all of you who are working so hard!!! P.S. Happy Halloween!!!
  • I received this PM from one of my Co-Op members: "'I've got a mission to do a cooperative and I need to be authorized, is there any way you could do that, and then un-authorize me once it's started? Much thanks" and I have no clue as to what this means or how to authorize anyone---- can anyone help me with some info!!…
  • This whole fishing thing is totally disappointing. I have no clue as to what or how or where on anything related to this new addition so as to go forward.. so i am not even going to bother with it here on the test server or, god forbid, when it appears on my regular farm unless some substantial directions/info is…