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  • I have looked around , there seems to be confusion on everything concerning the village. The one I have is why is it that anyone can start the village challenge and when challenged , We should be able to restrict it to the leader and deputies otherwise there is going to be major arguments going on . GG really haven't…
  • Cant find another thread that is all about the village. How do we limit who can start the challenge as it seems anyone can start it (and upgrades) without asking the whole team. can anyone answer this. There so many questions about it and yet no discussion thread about most asked questions unless i am blind and cant see it
  • Luck lol, its not about luck its about catching the booster and harvesting then you complete levels. Or (get this) you could use gold to skip production to get the cards you need. Really use gold, do players do that. Some are so naive and spending too much time hugging trees 
So that means if only rat cards count in the activity challenge, it will not be possible to collect maybe 2000 rat cards to complete the 20 events in the activity challenge part, unless you use huge amounts of gold to keep skipping harvests. So its aimed at gold spending therefore A Gold Spending Event
  • Wascallywabbit,if that's true then why did it count every card collected yesterday the first day ?
  • So someone tell me if this is right or wrong..... It seems you have to wait for a firework to appear before harvesting your farm , which appears randomly and may only appear once in a day. Therefore what chips you collect during your harvest without firework being there don't count. so If you miss the firework then you…
  • There is a bug in the game causing the Chinese New Year event problems. Loads are harvesting their farms and collecting hundreds of chips but only a very small amount is registering. I looked on here but seems no one has mentioned it yet i know its happening to loads of players farms.
 Thats the words i was looking for ..............I agree, but hey the question is will GG sort it again in a word ..............NOOOOO Lol
  • In a word......... get over it, it will continue to happen. alot of top players dont do missions in the challenge anymore purely because although they have asked for GG to change it so they dont keep getting solo missions, nothing has been done
  • This has all changed On the old forum i could see when a player started playing game now i cant find it on this new forum How do i find out how and when a player started playing the game ???
  • Has anyone noticed the huge fault ? When doing apples if you speed production to get it upto giving you 10 points per second the timer goes down. I had it on 3 hrs 52 mins then pushed it to get 10 points per second and the time dropped to 1 hr 45 mins. WHATS THAT ALL ABOUT????
  • Its not a challenge when you get solo after solo after solo. What is the point in it all if one keeps getting solos, one maybe out of every 15 for example but one after another. I had 7 last night- 6 this morning so now given up. Just an idea but why don't GG change it so if you get solo you can research again, or just…
  • Why remove it ??? So i guess GG will bring in afterwards that we can buy with gold is that the plan ??? I am seriously thinking of leaving this game - i spend alot of real money on gold so be a huge loss. ahh but you are just one i hear you say , but i am a piranha so loads more fish will disappear too. I am watching…
  • It might be said they don't work but they do. Some top players are computer programers so set up software to run their farms whilst they are not online yes you can be top of missions rankings i have done it but to make that many points as some have ( mentioning no names) just is not possible unless you are on 24 hrs 7 days…
  • What is chapter 3 task 2, 3 ,4 and 5 ? does anyone know ?
  • i have read through few of these threads and i cant find where i saw the message saying the island finishes after 30 days and the airport is removed and does not return or did i read it wrong ???
  • Beware of it, if you spend gold on it you loose the lot after 30 days to me its a ridiculous idea. why would anyone want to spend all there time money gold and then after 30 days loose the lot. All this time waiting for something new to come to boost interest and this turns up.
  • If you read every page you will understand why players as you put it whining, they are upset about the whole issue and right too you don't have to read posts no one forces you too so if your fed up with what genuine players are saying dont read, simple`s the whole point is players are letting GG know how they feel about…