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It is correct that the harvest amount of other players does not affect your reputation score as long as the harvest amounts don't change your rank. But it's not really accurate to give those kinds of numbers for the pig scores. It appears to give smaller amounts of points per unit of increase in the harvest amount…
You can get them from playing in the farmers league events or you can play in the dream world. Unless you have a very strong farm to compete well in events, it's probably better to focus on getting them from the dream world.
  • Thanks for the information. I have seen the expansion discount many times at 85% as well, but I haven't seen the handbook discount below 75% since before that update in January.
  • 13/35 members with a level 1 adventurer's boat
I'm not a super active player anymore, but I have been playing mostly daily for a couple of months as well as every day or two for most of the rest of the time and I haven't seen a single 90% discount handbook offer since the other update in January. That's why I am wondering if they are not arriving anymore.
  • Is there any more news about this? This has been a problem for over 4 months and nothing has been done about it.
  • When can we expect to start seeing the 90% discounts again? I saw a 40% discount for the wheat handbook the other day, but of course 40% is far worse than something like 90% or even 75%.
  • Message me if you want to know a way to work around the adverts and free up the space they take.
This sounds like the pond may be full. Then it doesn't let you donate any more. Maybe check how much is in the pond compared to the limit for your level of your village pond?
With the new setup, I think only one laboratory is necessary now. I removed the main and gourmet farm laboratories already and just kept the one on the flower farm. Just seeing you mention the workshop in the other post, for me as a non-gold buyer the workshop is not that useful, as its more expensive than the water…
  • To me they don't really appear to be useful at the moment. They do give a few extra special seeds, but for me an extra cowshed or duck coop would probably be more useful. I'm upgrading houses at the moment and if nothing happens that makes the nurseries more useful, when those upgrades are complete I will probably get rid…
  • I have only seen the handbook discounts at around 55% to 75% recently. The expansion plot offer always appears at -85% for me.
  • This kind of feature is a big problem in the game. I just checked and I have the same issue. Luckily I have many majestic citrus groves which don't requite the apiary being placed if I ever want to build more of those, but it is a bad situation for many players and the restriction shouldn't be there.
I understand that. But for this situation, if he doesn't want to lose players and he sets the amount to something like 500k, if there are a lot of negative reactions will he keep it at that amount and cause tension in the cooperative, or set it back to what it was before and remove the tension? It kind of makes me…
You can check if it is working in the "active bonuses" section. This section will include all the boosted amounts not given from the farm machine. For example, the "result" section gives the main amount that the bonus is applied to, the "farm machines" section takes the bonus from the farm machine and the "active…
Yes. That is correct.
It should be included in the "Active bonuses" section.
But this is going to affect many players in other cooperatives, not just the ones in yours. It is very common (at least in my server) for players that are not in the gold league or the masters league to get under 500k reputation points in the CC. Then they will not be able to get the rewards from the 1st place…
Ok. The set up is not really cheaper for the handbook upgrades at level 6 or lower which makes it worse in a lot of situations though. Hopefully they will give the other discount soon.
  • It looks like the amount required for the new achievement levels increases by 15% for each level you go up by. For example, getting wheat from level 10 to level 11 takes 237,000 wheat and getting wheat from level 11 to level 12 takes 273,000 wheat. 237,000*1.15=272,550 which is reasonably close to 273,000. If you go from…