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  • really Yakoska this doesnt bother u? i mean yes yr team is ranked 7th...oppps i mean 8th!! because the co-op under u bought their trophy and so many rep points to jump way ahead of everyone else...oh yes yr hard work sure is paying off...the planning and strategy out the door,,,, sold for about $300:(
  • i agree with all the previous posts!!!! shame on u GGS!!!:( :( :( :(
  • wow GGS really!!!! this is crazy...so those co-ops that buy gold can just buy rep. points even tho so many others earn them? i feel forced to buy to help keep our co-op in top ranks:( now u r making this game about gold and $$$$!!!
  • question???? it says to earn as many points as u can thru out the co-op challenge to get top prizes..does this mean that even after a co-op completes the challenge early they have to continue to earn rep points to maintain their status in ranks? or does the completion of challenge tasks mean that is permanent rank even if…
  • Yes i have Y""...within yr own co op u have members who have 22 ducks:) also 11.and 12 cows..and u yourself have 14 goats.... i see quite a few co-ops have many of a single harvesting item..this isnt a bad thing,,just a strategy of play for them:) ~m
  • i dont kno Y....but how is it that the architect is able to upgrade ducks? and its showing the amounts for island or g farm? soooo i think that island farm will become permanent
  • :( Please explain why it is that some members get emails for free gifts,codes,and other things such as this halloween email being sent? I have been here with ggs for over a year and have yet to recieve anything but a token 1 time..how random is it? especially since the same players have said they routinely get free gifts..…
  • please fellow big farm players!! lets stop blaming each other as to why GGs feels the need to constantly update BIG FARM! i have heard because members take advantage ,,because members build all ducks,,because because because,,, Can we stop with it all ? GGs updates because they r a money oriented company thats why,,Maybe…
  • I feel horrible for our other Big Farm Game Servers!! i am sorry this has happened to u..at least we here at the english server have been given some notice,,YES ggs will change the BUY option!! prolly after christmas:( so all the $ and gold we have spent to build our farms to our co-op strategy is down the toilet!…
  • i have read the italian forum posts on ggs idea to eliminate the buy button for products..as this is only a test idea~~~~ i do hope ggs takes into consideration everyones opinion,,,i will say i am very pleased that 99,99% of all posts r distressed over ggs trying to manipulate our farms and insult us by telling us how to…
  • i personally am not buying everything at high rate,,,i cannot buy feed which is made in the mill,,i have to use the mill!!!! i cannot buy poo!!! i have to harvest stables i cannot buy leaves!!,,i have to harvest the orchards whats the idea big farm behind no buy,,because a lot of us spend a lot of time here playing this…
  • please do not take away the buy option!! i agree with Yakoska!! this update will fumble the strategy that various co-ops have,,especially us at tyson chicken!!!!!!! we do eggs,,thats our strategy and what about members trying to finish events on time,those with small farms or large who dont use gold,,that will hurt them,,…
  • Howdy GGS!! The Ship indeed seems interesting,,i am curious to see the profits when it returns,, I rec;d a $177,000 for shipping Fruit Cream,,,However,,with current research completed,,,it is much more profitable for me to sell,,rather than ship..Wondering if profits were calculated with this in mind?
  • ty george,,,i appreciate the response:) Happy Farming!
  • i just got my 1st earth breaker built..it says plus 5% on all farms in production...does this include fields sheds and coop? or just certain ones? is this a true increase in production rates? just wondering...:)
  • i agree Latten..I personally do play,,id even pay a gold to watch my team play,,,some of us spend a lot of time here and it was just an idea
  • yearning....
  • hashbrowns
  • False Leap year comes every 5 years