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  • I logged in this morning and found the 10 eggs but it says there are only 9 days so there's no way to win the prize for 100 eggs found. I'm on the US server and Pacific time zone. Did I somehow miss a whole day or am I reading something wrong?
  • Some people had glitches when they did the first tractor upgrade (like the island bank not working and not being able to harvest orchards) My farm wasn't one of those affected- that's all I'm saying. The "lost" money and certificates happened because the game was set back to an earlier time so that money and the…
  • I didn't have any problems when they did the first tractor upgrade. I went ahead this morning and did the tractor task and everything is fine so far. Go for it I say.
  • There is going to be a Halloween event but it hasn't started yet. Go into the decoration collection on your farm and on levels 11 and 12 you can see some Halloween decorations. The one on level 11 looks like it will be the prize for the event (haunted castle) and the others will be the kind we buy during the event. I'm…
  • I did the task and haven't had any problems with the island farm all day (or the main farms either)
  • I don't understand what you mean about the first page or log in page of Big Farm having comments. Are you trying to get on the game from another website? You need to go to the official site and sign on from there. The us 1 server was only down for a short while- not 24 hours. The link for me from the forum is the logo at…
  • The houses make them unhappy. You have to build decorations to make them happy. You can also upgrade the fence and gate and the dog house to add happiness.
  • LOL, I hear ya. I'm out of shells anyway so I wouldn't be able to buy seeds. If it was all about the money though they could add a gold option for the seeds. I thought they would when this whole thing started. Imagine the complaints then... damned if they do, damned if they don't.
  • I was responding (jokingly) to a deleted (funny) post. I think there are legitimate complaints but there is a big difference between posting a complaint or suggestion on the appropriate forum vs constant negativity about every single update that doesn't give you exactly what you want every single time. People who say they…
  • Translation for almost every forum post: Whine, whine, whine, make things easy, give us free stuff, bitch, bitch, bitch.... I'm taking my ball and going home!
  • I was at level 58 when the island started and not sitting on 100's of millions and I'm fine. Your 3 permanent farms aren't going anywhere and you can go back to updating them when you're done. I finished all of chapter 2 and most of chapter 3. I knew I couldn't grow enough bananas to finish so then I started making as many…
  • I guess I kind of knew that I would have to start making fruit if I wanted to fill the ship based on how the ship always asked for things I was capable of making even before I actually had those things. I was asked for flower farm items as soon as it was technically possible for me to make them. I wasn't always able to…
  • I've only been playing since June but I've only ever had one mission where I was alone. I did notice when the island event was going I had to wait longer for a mission and had less people in each one. I assumed people were busy on the island and not playing missions as much.
  • It's 3x3 and you get it by being in the top 50 spinning the wheel of fortune.
  • Yes, you would get all 5 boxes if you bought the 30,000 package.
  • Don't forget to upgrade your island fence and gate for happiness.
  • Yes, I genuinely don't understand why people would want something to be permanent when it can't sustain itself. Just because you wouldn't have to rebuild everything it's still expensive to produce and upgrade so I'm glad that I'll have a break once it's over. I wouldn't want any event to run non-stop it gets old and…
  • I don't understand why people say it's a money drain but only because it lasts for a month. Since it's so expensive the fact that it only lasts a month is a good thing. Why would anyone want to permanently funnel money to the island?
  • I have no idea if I make a lot because I don't know what other players my level make. I just figure it's fake money and you can always make more. It's not like it's earning interest or something so might as well spend it. You can look at my farms- like I said I don't have everything upgraded or extra production facilities…