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  • I don't think the dog is going to find tools any more than he finds water.
  • Or, you know, just go out into the Big Blue Room for a while. ;)
  • Yes. Then click "Reply with Quote" on any of those posts, and you will have all of them quoted in the editor. Edit: you will have all of the multi-quoted posts in the same thread quoted in the editor, but any multi-quotes you have clicked in other threads will not be included. Those ones you can add by using their "Reply…
  • That's actually not the best idea (or at least, not until your farm is fully expanded). Until you have all your buildings in their final arrangements, you need a variety of different size decorations available. A 5x5 decoration does not fit in a 7x3 hole!
  • If you don't complete the final task before the time runs out, it doesn't count. There is no partial credit, no matter how close you were. That's why spending gold to skip a couple of minutes or to skip the rest of the task is a better option.
  • GGS won't disclose their formula, but this post has a very good approximation. It is no longer possible to achieve -100% running costs, and it was never possible to get better than that. The other end of the range approaches +500% running costs, which is Very Bad Indeed.
  • Posts are marked read when you load the page that displays them. So, for instance, if there's a thread that is multiple pages of posts, loading the thread will display and mark read the first x posts (the number is variable; there's a setting where you can choose from 5 to 40 posts per page), but subsequent pages are not…
  • You shouldn't leave your timing so fine. Server time is often slightly different from your local machine's time. This is not a GGS thing; it's a universal thing. It's worth spending a couple of gold pieces to make sure you've completed your harvest at least a full minute before the end of an event.
  • If your "Big Farm reaches 25" email had the button that said "Celebrate now", then you did not get a voucher. The emails that had vouchers gave you the code and said what it was for, and the button said "Redeem voucher". To recap: No voucher: Voucher:
  • Be very careful about upgrading or building anything new until you have a higher happiness. At your level, you aren't making huge profits to begin with, and high running costs eat up too much of them to advance quickly. If your smile-meter is not in the green, make getting it there your absolute priority on both farms.…
  • No; pigs are just like donkeys — they produce dung and you can sell them, but they have no other direct use. The donkey is directly comparable to a pig; their cycle is exactly three times as long, and they produce a little more dung than running a pig three times. The ducks do not give even remotely as much dung when you…
    in Pigs Comment by montuos 19.05.2014
  • Sunflowers are available as rewards for a few different Achievements levels, in a couple of Prime Day offers, one of the jackpot prizes on the Wheel of Fortune, and you can purchase them from Omar. They also pop up sometimes when you demolish undergrowth on a new land expansion.
  • I generally make a point of spelling out the month, too, when I don't use the ISO format. There is. It has been YYYY-MM-DD since 1988.
  • You can find this info for any seeds you have in the "Product information" tab of "Info" in the ring menu of your fields, and in the "Seeds" tab of "Farm management".
  • First, logout and close the game. How to clear your browser cache How to clear your flash cache After you have cleared cache, open http://bigfarm.goodgamestudios.com/ in a new tab or window (don't just reopen the closed tab/window) to make sure it loads from the site instead of trying to load from your local cache. Always…
  • US 1 is fine here. Have you cleared cache and reloaded lately?
  • FYI, Melvin, except for the changed egg count, that info has already been posted and earlier in this thread and collected into the spreadsheet linked from the first post. Also, ss0209 collected all her spreadsheets from all the events into this one. At this point you only need to post anything that's missing or different…
  • Primarily because I need a lot more honey for the honey cream that I can already make with the level 5 shop, but only every other night or so. Also, even 50 wax at level 5 every two and a half hours doesn't go very far for a product that wants 30 wax every 30 minutes.
    in Bees' Wax Comment by montuos 14.05.2014
  • Yes; eggs are eggs, whether chicken or duck, and since the goats counted for "begin production of milk" in the alien event, I'm pretty sure that almonds and peaches will count for collecting leaves in this one too.
  • I just sell the surplus wax as I harvest it until I can afford to upgrade the shop to level 6 so I can finally make the soap. But before I can do that, I really need more land for houses and decos and more than one apiary...
    in Bees' Wax Comment by montuos 14.05.2014