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  • i like both ideas, thanks! In addition to time limits, another useful control would be # of stars, e.g. # of farms the goods will come from.
  • It might be the game wants you to have some horseshoes first....there's nothing you can do on the horse farm until you can buy (cost10 gold competition horseshoes) your first horse, and train it to at least level 1 (regular horseshoes) Here's a reference site: http://crazybigfarm.tk/farm/ranch/ranch.htm
  • how long does Oktoberfest event last?, or at least does anyone remember how long it was last year?
  • despite the debacle that Oktoberfest has been, I wanted to recognize you for the superb job on the artwork :) Each of the new food buildings is cute, whimsical, and thematically fitting, as is the Oktoberfest main tent. (The same compliment is due you regarding the DSF buildings and characters as well) It must be difficult…
  • well, this is way beyond anything i ever expected to see in Big Farm. I didn't want to believe it could be true, while other coop mates were saying "we have a mole". This is the best argument I know of for implementing "leader/deputy only" challenge starts. We had a mid-50 level member who left abruptly about the time the…
  • this feels a bit different though Artful, not a case of "oops wrong click sorry" but an intended malicious attack. I have been slow to come to this conclusion, though other coopmates have been hollering "TRAITOR IN OUR MIDST!" I think they have been right, and I just didn't want to believe it.
  • by "community" you mean co-op??? or this server??? something else?
  • haven't heard from @CM_Hunter and his pain points for a while.....i thought you shipped him off. Looking forward to another long-winded, irrational post from him :) And meanwhile, you guys must be playing Ubisoft games??? The soccer (football) summer event is a long staple of theirs....out of fresh ideas??? just copy from…
  • you can't sell special seeds Jenna, so none of them "will make you the most money when you sell it" special seeds can give you faster production or increased production, depending on the field type. They come in handy sometimes for events like the HWE's (hard worker) and CooCha (Cooperative Challenge) For example, I know…
  • well i missed him. That didn't last long. But I'm naming my next horse YeeeeeHaw :)
  • you shortened it from 3 days to just 2.....last nite it looked like end time was around 5PM EST now..just minutes left??? why are the timers so unreliable???? PLEASE STOP screwing around with the timers in the middle of events, sheeesh and BAH HUMBUG :(
  • what about the Village Fair --- it's been touted on the sign in page for the last month. Isn't that the one that sets up in your coop village, and asks you to make stuff??? If it is, memory tells me you needed stuff from the candy farm (sugar, etc). So Candy Farm & Village Fair happen at the same time...... Just wondering…
  • drama!! I love drama!! :) good job ladies
  • lipstick on a pig is still ugly
  • boo hiss @PicklePaws please stop announcing "improvements" with so many exclamation points, they scare me the !!! you use in announcements are inversely proportional to the value of the "improvements" we know the "improvements" will be terrible when there are lots of !!!!! looks like no more gold lic for me from FHWE, or…
  • currently 4 active bonuses are running, when you add #4, the display switches to the drop down box. But it's not working , nothing displays, so no way to check on remaining time on the bonuses :(
  • so what exactly is "working as intended" ?? i have tried to figure out the significance of different bubble colors, but i still have no clue i thought it might be the rewards, i thought it might be a different worker....i can find no correlation