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  • ive gotta say im kind of happy about the change, because there are a lot of people abusing the ridiculous abundance of free resources they get from each event, a lot of you should be happy cus i think your gonna see changes in the way people are wasting resources in events which in turn makes the events more enjoyable, i…
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEAKJw8Cz1c memories :smile: 
  • hi my cat tree just vanished i had 250k charms theres a big space where it used 2 be whats going on my girlfriend sighned in for me and she said there was a message saying i had 95k dollars compensation or somthing like that i dont know dint see it and she cant remember is this comensation for my cat tree ? im confused i…
  • what a joke its already bad enough some of us dont get to use the 80% and after reading some of the comments looks like some people wont even get to use it at all how can you have a situation thats so unfair im shaking my head in disbelief ive been here for 3 months and the amount of mess ups these guys make is ridiculous…
  • oh ok thx 4 that
thx farmerjohn do you know if i still have my charms or do i have to start again i had 250k charms? how can i get 90k dollars to make up for a month worth of charms, were the 90k dollars compensation? i didnt get to see the message
  • what a joke just wasted shells for no reason how is anyone really meant to know theres another cowshed unless they already have it what a scam 
thx for that its my 1st one so i guess i was expecting a lot im glad i got one as soon as i did now i know not to waste to much trying to get another 1. thx again very helpful