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  • So very sorry to hear this... :'( :'( :'( :'( Hugs and prayers going out to your families and friends, and to all of the families whose hearts you touched in your time with all of us here at BF and on the Brat Pack. You live on in all of our hearts! Rest in Peace, beautiful Mary 
  • Dear Mary, I haven't been on the game since January because of a wiring issue with internet, and I have trouble typing and reading on my phone, so I haven't even thought to check the forums. But I never stopped thinking about you and having been wondering how you were doing, especially since the pandemic. A friend called…
  • I also have bad eyes, and in fact can only see out of one at this point. I have actually gotten headaches within an hour of logging in, every day since the update. These were graphics triggered migraines, which kept coming back as soon as I would take a break for several hours and then log back in. I just tried to ignore…
I have to agree. I am actually over 1000 points higher than I have ever been, and I suspect the reason is not that I am doing all that better (I have not bought gold for this temp yet) but instead, that many people stopped playing (or at least no longer spent a lot of time playing) after they realized the diamond…
  • @ 10 diamonds per task - a huge drop from what we were getting before - not really worth the effort, but spending gold? NOT going to happen. It almost feels pointless to play it at all, and since the realization of the diamonds reduction, I have no real desire to do so. Why even introduce a promising new event, if the best…
  • (Sorry this is so long, but my issues have been going on forever - in every possible direction!!) I'm not sure this is the right place to post this, but I have been trying to buy a new subscription for almost two weeks now and PayPal does NOT work for me. No matter what I do, the payment does not complete. I am very close…
Nope. Not acceptable at all. I really hope that people are compensated, especially those who felt like they had no choice but to buy the remaining coins. I didn't, but I know many who did. : /
Very good point. I could be putting up with the click-popup-click-popup nonsense, but like you and many others I am beyond disgusted. Even if I had a way to buy the gold to "fix" the problem, I wouldn't. Especially not after I logged back on this morning and saw that announcement. I just might stop buying gold…
Why do I get the feeling a petition would lead to another bug? lol :p Seriously though, we do pay their salaries and should therefore have some way to fix problems 7 days a week. It's not like we stop playing on the weekend. For many players, the weekend is all the play time they have. 
  • A member in my coop also got it to stop by buying the coins - not everyone has that option, and no one should HAVE to. We get that they know about the problem and are working on it, but that is just wrong....
  • Yes, it is impossible to play like this - can't plant or harvest things for the HWE, cant load boats - harvesting or resetting anything is impossible. I have tried on Chrome and on Firefox, so I am assuming it's multiple browsers
  • Yay, more awesome things that will take so long to get I'll be a skeleton before I get them LOL. I'm with you, Southern - get the buildings I want first before bothering with upgrading :)
  • Please excuse this post if this issue has already been reported. I woke up this morning with 7 something hours left on my clams, with the clock still counting down, but no clams left in the hopper and the fish order changed to salmon. The clams still had roughly 13 hours to go when I went to bed, so time shouldn't have run…
  • @WascallyWabbit yes, sorry!!! I thought I posted that I got back on, but I guess the post didn't go through. :)
  • A bunch of us from my coop got locked out too, some got right back in, but a few never came back on. Glad you got back in, but I really wish they would fix this. :/
  • I am locked out of the game again, getting told the action is not possible! WHY in the middle of a CC ?????
  • I don't see where anyone has confirmed that herring can no longer be safely taken to 10 (unless I missed a post somewhere :) ) - was it a bug or has it been changed? I do know one thing - people are still losing HUGE amounts of time on it, so if it HAS been changed, please confirm it so that people don't end up getting…
  • Now getting the "this action not possible, please try again later" error when trying to sign back in after a refresh. WHY????? does this only happen in the middle of a coop event or right before an event starts or ends? Come on, GGS, please fix errors that need fixing, so we can all actually play the game at times when we…