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  • I'm with you George Anne. I also opened the first island not understanding it was for high level/high income farmers and not us just scraping by types. So far I have not opened the island a second time,and I am HOPING that it will reset my ship for 4 items once the island closes. If it does not and we are not given a tool…
  • I am on the US1 server and typically have 0 or 1 opponent. It has been so long since I had over 3 opponents that I do not recall the last time it happened. My belief is that those who were really into the missions have completed all 4 tractors and no longer play. There were also a large number who never became involved in…
  • aphasia: but why not harvest anyway? You'll get more certs for a little than none and if everyone harvests, when you will be the winner, the pot will be richer if you are not the only one harvesting.
  • It's not a matter of having a chance. In fact, I probably win close to 50% of the missions I enter if only because I actually harvest. The problem, as illustrated in the post above is that continually going agfainst people that do not harvest lowers ther certificate payout to a point where it no longer seems worth the…
  • Eggs. 5 participants. 3 harvested. I had 4,200+, first place, 64 certs - other 2 who harvested were over 3,800 & 4,000 next event, flowers. 2 participants. other person did not harvest. 18 certs
  • I do not use humus, special seeds or gold during missions. never have. even so , with the same size harvests now as when the missions began, the certificate payouts have dropped dramatically for me. I do use special seeds and humus for co op projects mainly and occasionally for bi-weekly events.
  • corn was 726. I don't use gold, humus or special seeds. But it has always been that way for me and I used to get around 100 certs for the corn mission
  • Just finished a corn mission. 5 people in the match, 3 harvested. I came in second and received 14 certs (before tractor adjustments.)
  • sdfkdgk apparently it was 4:20 before you decided to add your "insight". I'm the one that harvests every single time in every single mission, not the person taking a 0 in most events. Why should I be penalized with a low certificate payout because others choose to do nothing?
  • yes, but that ended up being nothing more than expanding the tractor levels from 5-7, not "new" things
  • Corn mission. since missions began, I have been harvesting either 605 or 726 corn over the life of the mission depending on if I have a field ready at the beginning. The mission starts and my 4 opponents immediately drop anywhere from 832 to 3,783. In other words, in the first 5 seconds, I have no chance for anything but…
  • today I got "collect eggs." One player has 24 chicken coops and 21 duck pens. the OTHER FIVE COMBINED players have 21 chicken coops and 9 duck pens. One poor soul has 4 level 4 chicken coops and a single level 1 duck pen. Utterly ridiculous.
  • today is a dung mission. the group is 3 people in the top 26 in the world, another ranked 765th and I am 1,253. Guess which two are getting beat by a 3-1 margin?
  • current egg mission. Includes the current #1 in the world player with 10 coops, another from that co op with 14 coops, a third player with 24 coops, me with 10 coops, someone with 1 coop and someone with 0 coops. Why on earth would someone with 0 or 1 chicken coops be playing against 10-24 coops and the #1 player in the…
  • In a mission for eggs right now. leader is level 104 and has 14 level 7 coops and 8 level 6 duck ponds. one member of our mission is low level and has 3 level 3 coops and 1 level 1 duck pond. another has 4 coops, level 2, 4, 4 and 5 and 2 duck ponds, both level 3. Neither has any chance of collecting even 1/3 of what the…