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  • Having just come out of my farm after experiencing 3 consecutive pop-ups ending with one that takes up half my game screen I'm left wanting more. Would it be possible to not only increase the number of times pop-ups arrive but also increase them to full screen size? I am so impressed at how well they all work in comparison…
  • So how often do these ads appear and which browser stops them from appearing? I find GGS quite dumb and lazy with programming with many events (temp farms in particular) the exact same thing with only different products. If players stay on their main farm all day does that mean no ads all day?
  • The one and only positive....the VF isn't attached to the FL this time.......don't play it, ignore it! 
  • The gold FL boxes are the worst........the rewards suck!
  • Yes the constant run of CC's and VF's are becoming a bore but in my opinion its not so much the events themselves.....its the rewards on offer. How many friendship meadows do we really need? How many of the same boring rustic appearances do we need? CHANGE the rewards and if thats not something that you are willing to do…
  • I don't like the auto-upgrade on Dairy. It uses up the free workers that I have saved for other things.
  • Did someone say sturgeon focaccia??? Mmmmm yummy!
  • Thanks GGS....now there is no need to bother with events like VF (used to be my favourite) and can completely ignore the horse ranch. The CC rewards already suck so I can ignore that too and just farm normally without worrying about the competitive events. IF all players were intelligent they would stop playing (buying…
  • The cats might as well....pointless addition to the game. It doesnt make GGS any gold so the cats sit there gathering dust and cobwebs. 
  • Well done ninja, keep up the good work :)
  • I blame the rank obsessed coops. The constant barrage of golding every single mission, every single CC, they just do not stop and we are getting CC's over and over again because of it. Its just getting ridiculous that a small handful of players are spoiling the game for everyone else.....thanks guys. 
  • GML's for a gold FL box??? Seriously??? The gold farmers league boxes have to be the most overrated piece of trash reward in the game. Replacing existing offers and allowing us to buy with the use of GML's is nothing ground breaking especially when the cost is exactly the same as it was before the update. If you want to…
  • I know of a player that has at least 7 multiple farms (possibly more) and uses them as a strategy to get ahead in coop events (0 posting together to affect scores of others in missions, self sparkles etc). The GGS awareness/security to this is not as high tech as some assume because the players been getting away with it…
  • Might be time to make events like easter egg hunts optional. I for one have no interest in it at all because the rewards are not worth it and now its making the game lag for many players. I can't even load it on Firefox since the Horse update, a yellow notification keeps popping up telling me the game is slowing down my…
  • Thanks for making the game laggy and unplayable with another unnecesasary update. The game is already slow and instead of fixing the issue GGS continues to bring in new features that make the game even slower.
  • Pranking is a childish vindictive little tactic used by players to cripple their opponent when they can't win........seaweed and gold (seaweed in particular) is something we have earned through events and when used affects ONLY our performance, not the performance of others. Its like being in a horse race and shooting the…
  • I agree that pranking is a dog act! Furthermore claiming that hoarding seaweed then using it in a mission is the same thing is ridiculous. Players earned that seaweed and similarly to gold they can choose to use it whenever they feel like it. The fact you are in forums trying to make excuses for the behaviour shows to me…
  • There's a big difference between using what you have earned (level 7 library books/seaweed) to win a mission and deliberately trying to cripple another players progress using pranks. The latter is a childish vindictive little tactic used by "a loser" and I don't apologize for having that opinion. Just because its in the…
  • Well said, I don't really have much to add because that sums up my thoughts. If you can't beat someone fair and square maybe you need to rethink the design of your farm rather than resorting to sad cheat tactics like this.