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  • Seems to me this "new friends" invite is a direct result of the mass exodus from the ill conceived Lab "upgrade", I use the word upgrade, but you all know what it really is. We all accept that a business needs to make money, or it will perish. However games need to be fun to have enough players to support the needs of the…
This is the single, most unbalanced "upgrade" (use that term loosely) It only favours the higher level coops and players, although many of said players see the folly in this. No new player can be inspired to grow and spend REAL MONEY to achieve a higher level. Where is the business model that inspired this upgrade?…
How much were you paid to say that!
exxy, your only looking at top players and coops. average and upcoming players don't have a chance to get anywhere with this change. Sorry mate, your off with this one
  • Now I remember why I was scared to ask about all the useless boats we keep winning in the fishing. After another "great" idea for the labs. 
  • And now, all events have disappeared
  • I took 176 swordfish from a boat and it registered as lobsters, nice hotfix
  • It seems the issues you describe involve everyone playing. Does your cursor also turn into an I that you can barely see on your farms?Refreshing here 2 or 3 times each hour, sometimes more just to be able to play. Bug fixes, not new artwork is what is needed.
The issue of excess construction tokens needs to be addressed. I think they should accumulate and not be redirected to an unwanted prize once an amount has been reached, IE 56 tokens. Sure we can still only spend on 1 slot till it's finished, but many times we have spent gold to make enough to earn these tokens, and…
  • As long as your talking about tokens. The shinkei-suijaku tokens are almost worthless. the rewards from this school are so small and almost irrelevant to anyone above level 50, for the amount of time taken to do the contests. Would like to see this upgraded or removed.The tokens are not a worthwhile reward any more. How…
  • I often wondered why we did not have sheep farms here. Then it dawned on me, we the players of big farm ARE the sheep. The frustration shown in the messages and comment are plain to see. What does it actually take to get things running smoothly/ How about, every leader, lobbies all their players to all message support with…
  • diamonds for rewards, sounds nice, but you cant take them to your real farms. Looks like another money pit has arrived
  • Constant bugs and resets in the middle of events, events not starting, losses of resources used to try to do well in missions/events. It seems to go on and on. We are constantly asked to provide screenshots, but how many shots a day can you take, while trying to actually play the game, which if I am not mistaken, is what…
  • The issue of the kites apparently effects a lot of dedicated players, many of them being here for a long time.I concur that this is an unfair advantage, badly thought through, making some players angry or despondent.I did not see any meaning response from GGs or moderators. Just like in real life.."the rich get richer, the…
  • Our co-op is having a similar issue with research. All the comments I have read here suggest that no fix has been made. Lot of money spent for no reward seems to go against the theme of the game IMHO. No email response from support other than to say they got complaint. Extremely frustrating, and some in our co-op are…
  • Having issues with the cooperative research facility. We tried do the level 1 research for pigs to get a 20% increase in the sale price. We did what was required, got a notice saying it was successful, but not increase in sales price and when I returned to the research facility, it was back to asking to redo the research.…