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  • I can't say this is the definitive answer because I didn't play the balloon wof this time around. What I believe is happening is that with the way the new booster system works, the construction 50% booster you would have received from the CHWE would run for so long depending on your Coop's final placement in the event. The…
  • If you are in Dream World, click the house button next to the weekly dream world challenge pass. This brings Tessa's Dream World up. On the lower half left hand side is a 1/11 with arrows either side. If you go to page 11 it gives you the link to open BF in another tab. I am guessing this was what you meant by shortcut?
 The fine print being a killer to most players. For many, some of the 
costs of upgrading the space saving community buildings are already 
beyond their reach. The requirement to spend diamonds on land expansions
 and the number required are insane. But I guess we are all insane to 
assume that GGS…
  • So far it looks good, but I guess we'll have to look at the fine print before any real judgements can be made.
  • Whilst I agree it only takes a few clicks for two or three fields, it's considerably more the more fields you have. For someone who has 40 fields it can be close to 100 clicks of a mouse if not all clicks take which sometimes happens for me
  • Being on the UK server I can't say if these ads are a problem or not but if they appear at random while you have the farm open and you can't get the ad to close, this sounds like it could be a major problem during coopcha if you're running your stacker
  • There is a major difference in change for the good of the game and change for change's sake which appears to be the current decision by GGS. As already stated by several players, anyone who plays this game for a short period of time will know that having a Village Fair the same time as a HWE or CHWE is just going to turn…
  • Going with my lists for previous VFs in the last few weeks, I am not seeing/missing/unable to select around 15 to 20 challenges. So either GGS drastically cut the number of challenges or there are challenges we are not able to access which to most people would mean they are missing
  • I have a slightly different problem in that I rarely if ever use the turbo harvester because of holding products for Coop Events. How complicated would it be to tweak the Turbo Harvester and Swift Seeder so that it only works on certain things. For example Fields or Orchards or Animals? And maybe for the Swift Seeder the…
  • Some rewards are farm specific. For example the Beach Garden only appears in your inventory under themed buildings when you are on the Gourmet Farm.
  • I like the idea of seaweed for the aparies. Perhaps GGS would consider replacing this for the useless Greenhouse Seaweed in the Mystery Boxes
  • I have to say what a major surprise to find that a new CC starts tomorrow, not. Is it a case of CC every 5 days now or will developers find somethingelse to make the game more interesting?
  • Another VF and still not fixed the issue with the challenges not changing when they end
  • I think there has been a massive realisation by the teams in the Masters, that it is just not worth the effort or hard work that is required to get 4 days worth of pathetic rewards from the factory. I wouldn't be suprised to find out that a lot of the Coops in Masters this time around have eased off from the effort they…
  • So according to the latest message from SnapDragon with regards to the Masters Factory, CCs could happen with less than four days between them. So pretty much every weekend. And of course the rewards are sooo fantastic you absolutely have to take part in it, not.
  • Thanks Snap
  • That would be great thanks
  • I do that when it comes to the solo HWE Anmarie (HU1) but on coop events, everyone in our coop is expected to do their part. Being in a top coop has it's advantages and disadvantages. This latest move by GGS to have a CoopCha every week is getting beyond annoying especially when you consider the fact it used to be once a…
 It's an almost certain NO on that rsny