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  • @ Gwendolen, Yes please re-read the parts of your statement I underlined.. This is the type of babysitting that shouldn't be necessary. Some think its insulting their intelligence, and some who just cant get it after 5 times of "Take it slow, let them hit the right tabs. Walk them through it." You say you never have…
  • We had members (same family) who bought a lot of gold. When they got banned they never returned. I don't blame them really. If you spend hundreds of dollars on a game you expect access. Would you return if you were treated in such a fashion? I cannot see how different farms in the same household could hurt GGS, especially…
  • I think Steve forgot where my farm is. Leaving money for Steve projects is now part of strategy. I just wish he would come by once in a while. For Multi Million Dollar projects you think he would show up from time to time. I have not seen him in a month and I play daily.
  • It would be fun if my dog could be adapted to chase children from my farm. Maybe add some scream sound effects.
    in Children Comment by darconio2 21.12.2013
  • Yes. That link is great, Thanks!
  • My first task is collecting cabbage, corn and donating eggs. Why is this spreadsheet link not reflecting that. Is this correct spreadsheet? Edit: Nope... The link in last post is for camping event not fairy tale event.
  • I have a thing against virtual pets. Many Tamagotchi toy virtual pets have found loving homes while your local animal shelter is killing dogs by the crateful. Having said that I do not quite understand why we must click on all the experience points attached to each trick. 1 button for training ought to suffice. It is…
  • @ George, I've spent hundreds of dollars on gold.
  • The Library seems too obtrusive. People are starting to quit game already. My red dots are increasing and I may be one soon. I HOPE THE LIBRARY FAILS BAD. The Dog is also stupid. So is roulette wheel and mine. Post edited by Kat Nip: Please keep insults out of your posts
  • Do not use your Tokens. Just keep it and next time the roulette comes to your farm you will have 2. Rinse/Repeat. Do not use until you have 7 saved. This is crucial as you need 7 spins minimum to get jackpot spin for "scarecrow" and such. Chances are you will win some, but save them until you reach 7 again. Always wait…
  • @ Farmer DJ1, Buying honey is not something I had considered, but I find if i run box of soaps when I am online and then honey cream while offline I never run out of supply. That is a great idea though. Thanks for sharing. I will certainly look to buy honey next time i am short. NOTE - I must be one level above your flower…
  • @ Larino, Sorry I called you a he. Oop. I really do like the work you have done to help others in this game. The ONLY recipes I run on lower farm are "Box of soaps" and "Honey cream". I ran box of soaps so many times on Monday doing a project with co-op that I stocked enough honey to run honey cream repeatedly at least 8…
  • I bought over 3 million dollars worth of corn in past day at $106600 each time because I was doing the Chicken feed project. My inventory is only 1800 room so I could not fit more than that. I found no problem buying anything. It is lack of space to keep it or lack of money. I'm not saying you're not glitched, but mine is…
  • Larino,Larino,Larino. I cherish his tutorials and notes, but I will disagree here. The flower farm is the number one moneymaker. I have heard discussion about base and happiness, but the main thing you need from main farm is poop. s a co-opleader I often sacrifice happiness on main farm for projects and missions. Why not…
  • Thanks. This member was our most active, bought gold, and is a common poster here offering good advice (not as good as yours Larino). It is just sur[rising when some people go absent.
  • Level 7 is 7.5 million or 7.75.. (I forget) so $17 660 000 is final house cost.
  • Best strategy for no gold users are to sit out spins until you have saved at least 8 tokens. You will likely win some more tokens but just spin till you get the jackpot spin and then stop. You will likely win at least 6 tokens also so you will be closer to spinning next time.
  • @ ElizabethK, You are sitting on the fence with 24 members. Thousands of coops have 17 or less people. They would need to make projects tougher, etc, but I think it would be more fun to more people.
  • @ Jaystarr, I also am happy with the people we have, and most are fairly active in chat. I started my (our) co-op at start level and built from there as well. I am just saying it would be nice if everyone could experience a co-op your size. I do not think I am being overly critical by suggesting 17 members *no gold limit*…
  • Yes. I started the same post long ago, but I agree playing "Tetris" with the decorations is part of the game. If you fit everything using your brain you can have your farm full of decor.