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  • Hey GGS, Ill tell you all I have about this update, and why it really makes us feel terrible about what direction the game is going, and how this has been happening for the past couple years. First of all, revolving events, and cooperatives that make us participate in them, (and just know, to stay in a cooperative they…
  • I had this exact same issue around 2018, so it might be different today, but I'm pretty sure I remember, all you had to do was alter your date and time on your device / computer. When a game such as Big Farm, which heavily relies on real time playing and communicating notices you have a fault in your time, it can start to…
  • Oh and another thing that came to my mind, bring back the OLD music soundtrack! It was beautiful I saw no need in changing it. :) Also, I totally agree Maxiroy
  • Ninja, I would hope they would run such things like that, which is what I hoped for, but I have a gut feeling they wont. Well, I do have quite a few Ludwig coins stored, and it would be quite an annoyance to a couple days of grinding out my fields for them. Well, even if these offers do not show up, I am hopeful santas…
  • I am simply listed as 'online' in the Big Farm group discord. After verifying (I'm pretty sure that is what I did) I was able to see Competition-posts. I can in fact see everything that was shown. I have the ranks, Fresh Corn Big Farm BIG farm US server BF Other If anything distinguishes me from Priyanshu, it would be 'Big…
  • Yea same here, I need the payout for this one, and havent gotten it yet:)
  • No but if I buy the 49.99 one once, will it let me be able to unlock all the respective gold rewards when I hit the required level? Thanks:))
  • Imagine this, (well I don't even have to imagine this but consider this) Last 30 seconds, the boards are getting intense. You start to see gold play a big part in the top placing, you're racing so hungrily for that top spot, and then with 10 very vital seconds left, you get a pop-up ad. I'd break my monitor and honestly…
  • ugh, Really? because it does say on the WWC page that it already has the 25% and so then i'd assume that it would be a perma boost. all goods then lol:))
  • wow just as you said so, i only just noticed 1st place is at that high of runestones!! It must of cost him a lot of gold for that! i could imagine hundreds of thousands of gold, so i guess for the farm like me who does not buy gold, that is way out of proportion. Also you'd need to skip the seal pond so many times for…
  • For some reason, and I do not know if this is just AU1, But you do not have a chance amongst the diamond league of VF simply because there are only 2 teams that go there and so auto demoted. Where's the logic behind that?
  • See though i quite like going for hoarding, so would prefer to have any thing i can just in case i need it for something in the future or my thoughts might change to that, so I might want them. Right now i am trying to get Diamonds to get the apartment maxed out. I'd still want a decent flow of $$ coming through while i'm…