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We don't have any problems with the leader or deputies - its the fact anybody can start them which needs sorting - on other things only leader and deputies can start stuff.
  • Main problem we have is inexperienced players who can start the village fair challenges and have no idea what they are doing. It messes it up for the whole coop and makes players give up on playing it. Would help if GGS locked it to coop leader and deputies only. Makes a farce of being a deputy and impossible for coop…
  • Ok so you have now totally messed up the horse part of this game. Was just a nice relaxed part of the game. Have tried the new equipment and found it not worth the effort as results I get where still same as before. To add to this you have now reverted all my horses breeding effects back to zero level after spending years…
thanks for reply will pass this on to players concerned. Thanks for the invite but not playing much at moment as very busy thanks.
  • How does the coop on dream world work - One of our coop has started one and has been unable to get it to work. We are unable to search for a coop or another member. Player who started it is unable to get anybody to join. At moment player has lost the GOLd invested. Thank you 
tried again today still not workingI run on chrome Have been trying different things today one was to use microsoft Edge. Long on game and click to go to dream world it closes everything down. I then pressed restart post that come up to reload yet again and it finally took me to dream world. This needs sorting out.…
mine shows that number and cannot access dream world
  • Game is becoming impossible to play with pop ups in way all time. Specially on timed events. Calendar was only good thing on forum for players. Dont use twitter. FB for contacting family etc ignore 99% stuff on there. So guess only thing really keeps me playing FHW, will now be waste time as well as needs planning ahead…
  • Hi, Just logged onto deco farm after the update and could only leave by going to Map. Was then stuck on Map. Anybody else having this problem. Have informed rest of players in my coop to stay away till know more. Thank you 
A strategy game is to give players a chance to compete, but this is an impossible task except for the top gold players and destroys any fun most players have trying to get there. I have calculated figures required to play over shorter period it is impossible for average player to get anywhere so not worth even trying.
Agree everybody does not celebrate Christmas and agree something needs to be in the game for them . But CC which requires team to work is not it. A one of event for individual players that done over a week to cover the holiday would be far better solution and keep all players happy. Can be played or missed individual…
That is always a good idea but some days I have a very restricted time to play - I do not want to spend that time on forum . A lot of players don' use it at all. Perhaps a small comment actually in game on events would be more helpful to all players on announcement page or attached to the event when played .
I understand random - % loss was at 11% for pond - Boats loaded with protection exactly the same - so one takes damage one does not. The percentage is supposed to generate random for each pond , but would have expected to come back same form same pond. I am getting very high losses even with protection. I will be…
  • Ok so missed FHW out last month - This month cut the time down for same game to practically half. Was the only one still worth even trying to complete. If you calculate (think this is time its been on for) 48 hrs by 60 minutes and then 60 seconds gives you 172,800 seconds multiply by points running. if done this right :- -…
  • Changed from Day 1 to 2 very fast - Friend is on once a day same time, so every 20/22 hrs due to work. Hand not started when logged out at 0230 approx am. Logged back in shortley after midnight GMT time on next night to find on day 2 and had to buy first prize with gold . What time did this start on the 1/12/2018. He cant…
5 days since posted no reply !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have that switched on. I have been monitoring boats for few days . I sent 2 boats same level loaded exactly the same to a pond which held the exact number of fish they could catch. 1 boat came back with no loss other came back with a loss. How can that happen.
The amount of loss I'm getting at moment is not worth the cost of sending boats out. At moment getting same level of loss constantly. Will see how goes over next week and keep records. whats point of putting protection on if get very high losses. Did not before.
2 ponds lite up right side - trying to send his boats out- the problem with the clarity of picture and writing is not helping on this post. (In same coop so know his problem)