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  • Once again we seem to be getting lots of repeated crop missions, I just had 4 missions running and 3 of them were the same crops. OK OK I know someone will come on with a lovely excuse or say they never get repeated ones. Yet since we got extra crops to complete the missions should not the possiblity of repeated missions…
yep even more stuff to slow done our comps, plus while we see the flea's flying about we fail to notice the reduction in the drop items ! What is the use of the world wide calender, last week the start dates were wrong and we do not get told when half of the events are starting, so what is the use of it ? o:) o:)
  • i thought GGS were supposed to have tested all these new bits, correct me if i am wrong but is that why we have the test server, or is that just there to take extra gold of players ! o:)
  • We should all know by now that it will not happen, what was the last excuse that i read ! oh it will slow the game down for players wanting to use gold. Well all the so called "bugs" and hot fix down times certainly slow the game down, the sales pop ups that appear just as your harvesting certainly slow the game down,…
  • welcome pickles, good thing that you've been here a very very long time, you'll be used to all the usual excuses . Strange that Christmas time here in the UK is supposed to be a time for happiness, a time to visit family and a time to relax, yet here on Big Farm The Santa event is running so bad it is as though GGS do not…
  • I have just caught up with the latest comments and once again there are comments blaming it on the players, while i might agree slightly that some "knew" things were wrong and went on an early xmas spending spree, but they were only playing the game, just as GGS want us to ( or use gold instead) . If i had logged on and…
Yes they can STOP the game because a few players got too much money from the sales, but when players are losing out, nothing gets done for days. Now I seem to recall that GGS used the same excuse last year or the year before and reset every players game back a few days. Now I do love how GGS are thinking of other…
Players lost out because GGS finished the event early, how many deco's will that save them and how much gold will be used to buy them ? a bug eh hmmmm . I log on tonight and read about the reasons for a hotfix, because some players had got extra money and it was unfair blah blah blah. , ( i dont give a monkies if a…
One of the biggest problems when players are looking at the game is that we do not look at it from GGS's view. We as the players see this santa event as a real mess up, but look at it another way... GGS have just been bought out, so they need to prove to the new owners how easy it is to earn $millions. Pop in a so…
its simple, we are supposed to use gold, how many CC's will we have through December ?
Your correst art, but we are talking about ggs here , did i read a few months ago the co-op challenge would be every 2 weeks ? yet i believe we had it 4 times in Oct, and 4 times in November.
hahaha wabbit, strange that it effects the hard worker event again , just a quick question, is there a likely hood that players will now have the wrong crop ready, and to carry on playing they may have to use GOLD to get a different crop ready. Oh there lies the real answer behind it, they tried it the other week, got…
  • Seasoned players will remember that GGS did cut down on the pop ups at the start, but they have slowly crept back up again. One of my co-op members said she had to close 11 pop ups at the start, hard to believe but when the weekly event ( oh almost everything is weekly now ) finishes you close it, then have to close the…
This is a very good point, nobody disagrees that GGS are here to make money... FULL STOP. Weall probably agree that we should have to buy some gold to progress far and fast. Most on the forum know that I do not believe, never mind trust, GGS. A lot of player have been here 4 - 5 years playing big farm, to the players…