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  • Same thing happening to a member in my co-op. can,t upgrade on any farms. Looks like another hotfix is needed to fix the last hotfix errors.GGS  look into this please.
  • The event has finished and guess what- no main prize.we worked hard as a co-op . Came 2nd - chose meadow, and NO Meadow.My whole co-op never received their choice of prize. is it just us, or any other co-ops having same problem ?This is not on, ggs …
  • Rams after my star sign :D :D :D
  • I Have no medals :( :(   I want it all and i want it NOW !! why have i got that song in my head i wonder. PS. Most of my members want their medals too. 
  • Hi- i got the pop up sunday night. But no medals :( I know quiet a few members in my co-op didn,t get medals. Please sort this out for everyone.   Thankyou :)
  •                                                           HAPPY BIRTHDAY to FUNTASTIC-FARMS !! .                                                    open 3 yrs today- :D As coop Leader - i want to say a BIG Thankyou to all my Funtastic Farmers who h…
  • How embarrassing - my U got stuck !!       APPLY TO - Funtastic-Farms !!         That's better :D                             bantry xx
  • Hello-Everyone :) Come on in and join the Fun at Fantastic-Farms !! All Research is now complete on all 3x farms :) So its top dollars all the way here. Adults needed to help with tree watering and missions when co-op challenge is on. Don,t be …
  •                                                         HAPPY-DAYS :D                                FUNTASTIC - FARMS came 2nd in GOLD LEAGUE Yes 2nd :D                                we  have spaces for Adult Players level 30 + . Come in and giv…
  • hi,same here,voucher wont work 4 me,either.whats going on.
  • hi,im early forties,live in london.im looking for a coop.a daily player.someone find me.