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  • I have no idea MalikBilal, that would be up to ggs to develop. Forums can be private, by subscription though.
  • Yes, I would like to see cats and dogs in the game. Especially if we have a choice between breeds.
  • Cows are good for the pages, you can get 10 from each shed. I looked at your farm and you don't have any spare room for any extra animal sheds. I found it useful on my farm to keep some spare space - I use this for temporary buildings to aid me in e…
  • No one in my coop have yet to find a token and we have mostly been on all evening. You are lucky toetsoep to get 3.
  • Cedie are you in a coop? I find the nursery seeds especially good for two things - 1. projects and 2. special events eg like today's fairytale. I was able to get all the cabbage in one harvest using the special seeds, that saves a lot of time too. I…
  • I always keep my produce for feed. If I harvest extra that can't be made into feed then I will sell it.
  • aardvark, perhaps they just sent out a standard email response. I am sure that they will take it seriously. After all, they are strict on their language in emails.
  • (Quote) Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes also to shared collectibles. I don't think that will happen though as then nobody will pay gold for collectibles. I am in favour of a level restriction that automatically prevents those at lower levels applying. It woul…
  • Personally I hope that this information will be limited to the coop leader, and possibly to the deputies, not to all the coop. I think it could add an undesirable competitiveness to the game. Coops function as a team where the combined effort achiev…
  • I agree with everyone here, needs to be a better way to check nursery seed inventory.
  • I think the water tower would be a huge asset on the flower farm, especially fully upgraded.
  • I agree. If I was restarting this game I would only buy the basic decos, flowers, tree, vege patches, and then wait for the special event decos which I think offer much better value. After upgrading my decos with special events ones I now have 35 de…
  • Hmmm, I wonder if it will sometimes be available in special events / gold purchases for players other than level 12? I hope so - I want one!
  • Hopefully it won't be too much longer until the 4th farm arrives, that will keep you busy for a while :-)
  • Rhon, is this the same easter egg that was hidden last Easter or something else?
  • The money you donate cannot be used by a leader, deputy or player for their own use. Only as Zathura said, for research which benefits the whole coop.
  • Sometimes gold users may be trying really hard to win because they need the RP for the eggs and RP project. Personally, I rarely do missions unless doing this project and as the RP are needed to complete the project I will use gold to try and win if…
  • If they were going to add more land I would want them to add 7 blocks so my farm could retain it's even shape. I just can't see that happening though.
  • I agree, I would be happy to see the barns upgraded to hold more stock. Especially during events they tend to fill up. I try to run my store of feed down between events now otherwise am having to sell too much off. But it also piles up during some p…
  • Why on earth would you think GGS wouldn't want you to get the deco? If they didn't want people to get it they wouldn't make it available. And it is achievable without spending gold.