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what about selling unwanted items back to the game for 1/10 the buying price, like harvested items? or for points that can convert into a currency like is done when traveling between countries IRL? for example, I have literally thousands of coop stuff, gifts/pranks, catalyzers, special seeds, and fishing stuff I will…
well that probably explains why I can't by the upgrade to Mermaid Bay level 7 :/. would have been nice to know that I needed to be 13 levels higher before I could even buy the upgrade would be nice to be able to read all requirements, not just "requires level 6" that it said earlier (now just says not possible) and be…
similar problem- having a problem with Architect and was going to forum for US but page kept coming up in German. posting this to the UK board bc it is in English
  • would be nice if when they are fixed the cats would collect the bubbles the people pop up ;)
my GF tree says needs 1.5M still- is it supposed to say 670K? it is collecting but like you said when I relog it is counting
  • this is over now but deco not in the drop box- is it someplace else? was at 44 last time I checked but was probably higher
agreed- I get home after midnight and while I theoretically could spend the two hours before I go to work on the computer I usually only have time to make one harvest cycle on all the farms and start the next harvest because of my real garden and animals. at night I get on Big Farm to relax before bed so it would be…
Is there a closer event we could sell/exchange them at? I have multiple co-op items in stock that other players would be glad to have, so if we had a swap-meet type of thing so we could buy and sell each other's excess for whatever currency is agreed upon that would be awesome Sample listing: item: tractor (co-op)…
  • it is fixed now, but one day on one farm (maybe more) everything was in a language other than English. Might have been German- I was able to figure out what was being said more or less. made for an educational moment with my son, at least ;)