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  • The only problem I see with this option is, if you happen to have that many mystery boxes or even 50 and you select to open them all at once, how do you know you will get credited with all the rewards that are in the boxes? It seems like a lot for the programmers to make sure all are put into your inventory. And if they're…
  • I didn't start getting these ridiculous ads until yesterday & already, they are so annoying. This along with many other things will NOT make me buy gold!!! I had taken a few months off the game until a couple of weeks ago & now I think I should have just stayed away from it. And OMG, so many more glitches than there used…
  • Same here. I couldn't log in for a while so contacted support. Only took them a couple of days to get back to me with a similar link to reset my password. And Ta Da....here I am lol
  • I agree with you amber3 (re: CC). But it's the same for any luxury & GGS should heed to it also. The more often it's done, the less of a luxury it becomes & so it becomes boring & people won't rush to play. That is what has been steadily happening with me anyway, it's just an annoyance more than anything to me now. I'm…
  • Well I can honestly say that I'm just not feeling it anymore with the horse tournament the way it is now. I'm finding it boring. Mainly because I don't understand much of it probably, but there isn't even a GML if you do actually make it to the gold league. It's just not fun for me now. Guess I'll have to try & find…
  • Comment deleted. Found a better thread to place it!!
  • My apologies, the balloon wof just went away. That's the first time I've seen it happen lol. Thanks for letting me know about how to get them @"Dark Underworld (AU1)" Still, it should be made a little easier for people to get, other than buying them since some of us can't afford to do that hey? :)
  • I have to say I agree with a lot of the comments on the new horse tournament/equipment. It's way too hard to take it all in and understand what does what...I honestly was just scraping by with how it was before. I certainly didn't understand it fully then & now, pfft....it's way over my head. Maybe you could try to make…
  • Welcome @SnapDragon from an Aussie! Congrats on your new 'Modship...' hehe. ;)
  • I have also lost all stored goods. Using chrome as BF doesn't work properly in any other browser for me. Refreshing isn't working, have tried a few times but everything is still gone!! I don't know what else to do??
  • Nothing here either. But I'll send a msg to my Co-op so they can watch out for it! If it comes that is lol
  • No Problem @"Fallen (INT1)" It's the same with a lot of things, there isn't enough info for even half of the things on BF. Maybe because there is way too much going on to explain it all. Lol :neutral: This forum is very helpful. I've found heaps of info & tips here. Good Luck & Happy farming :) P.S. Thanks again @FuzzyBear
  • Hi Zelda, I had the same problem in the last round of this. A big thanks again to @FuzzyBear for helping me out with it. :) (Fuzzy's reply to me:) There's 3 different types of contracts, you have to make sure you're doing the right one. The top row is called "Dream Dollar" contracts.The 2nd row is called "Dream XP"…
  • Hi All, I decided to have a go at Tessa's Dreamworld and have been doing the tasks on the left side menu. I have one that is asking to complete 'one' market contract for the reward. I have now completed 3 contracts but the task is still sitting there. It's the 3rd one of the market contracts that I'm on. The first one was…