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  • No, check my other post.
  • I see. That's not a bug, that's the Ship not giving you more money than coop prices. If you didn't have a coop, these would be the figures: apples 1582x 44=69608 almonds 259x50=12950 cherries 328x180=59040 donkeys 359x10=3590 =145,188 which is smaller than 158k. Apparently they 'fixed' the issue people had with thinking…
  • Lol, Bustaa. In case you can't tell, he's just joking.
  • Yeah, I do the soaps instead of honey (honey is for the night) but I spend a lot of time away from the computer, so my shop just sits a lot.
  • Have you tried taking screen shots? Take a screen shot of your farm and money, save as jpg, then log out and back in again and take another screen shot. If there was a change in your money, send both pictures and a full detailing of your problem to GGS, including the total amount of money that's been removed. The link to…
    in probs Comment by Wildcard999 15.08.2014
  • This...really isn't a thread for this subforum, is it? And you're not spending money on something that will disappear, you're spending money on shells for the new features. That won't disappear. Granted the exchange rate is incredibly high, but obviously they don't want the new feature to be a piece of cake people can pwn…
  • You lose money for it now? How? I think you need to check your math again. I loaded up 100% of the ship and got 138k. The stuff I'm shipping is only worth $18,271 if I sold it normally. That's a huge bonus! Make sure you only ship two, four or more types of goods though, and if you can't make all 4 regular types, try to…
  • Okay, I think there's a delay for it. There was last time too.
  • I just bought one on my WWW account. And yes, I noticed it was less frequent too...I wonder if it's because we've been telling everyone about strategizing to just use that for gold-earning? :@
    in Omar Comment by Wildcard999 15.08.2014
  • Thanks for pointing that out, Samty. I hadn't noticed, what with being superbusy with two farms and three roles to fill at a Toastmasters meeting tonight, but now I'll be able to make informed decisions about shipping those goods. If I manage to harvest that much of anything. Anyone know if there's more tasks after the…
  • I seem to remember it being said that the green truck was only going to be here about the same time as the island. Maybe a couple days longer, but it's in a space like all the other temporary people. I'm pretty sure that if it were going to be permanent, he'd have a space on the farm somewhere like the library and…
  • It looks like the only thing that disappears is your access to the seeds via the green truck. The greenhouse itself stays. What I'd like to know is if the ship returns to normal once the island event disappears. I really hope it does because I hate the new layout.
  • Yeah, apparently the money you get for shipping products is all figured into the bonus so you get one lump sum.
  • Are you sure you won? If you did, you got a message at the end telling you you did. If not, it's because other people bumped you out of the top spot before the end of the WoF. We had a problem with people thinking they won last time when they really just ranked first temporarily and then got bumped out later.
  • I know it's disheartening for the island farm to disappear, but if that's a problem for anyone, they don't have to build it. Just do what Bustaa did or just gain access to the island farm, don't build anything and click bubbles and grow stuff 'til you've got the shells you need. You get a ton of free stuff from the farm…
  • I did the math and on a level one greenhouse, it's cheaper to buy the cheap pineapple seeds rather than the special ones. It's probably cheaper the other way around for any other greenhouse level though.
  • Actually, you get two free pineapple seeds from the task of donating items. That's probably how you got your first seeds.
  • XD Very good point.
  • Well, the bonus looks right. It's just that we're not getting dollars directly for the product we're shipping. You may want to ask if that money has just been factored into the bonus or if it's just been done away with for now and we're getting horseshoes instead?
  • You can't please everybody. Part of the problem is there's tons of really high level players that are bored to death with the same features that have been around forever. I do think they're reaching a point of diminishing returns though. It might be time to stop adding new features and just start adding more goals. It…