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  • Okay, I'm having a problem with it. I have it 3/4 complete and found the pattern, but for some reason I can't get the fourth thing to work, yet I'm quite certain I've already done all four. Can anyone help me out with that? I won't spoil things by listing everything here, so message me if you're can help or are at least…
  • You mean Events, not missions, right? 'Cuz there's no fertilizer mission anymore, but it's definitely useful for the tasks in Events. Mine is gone now, yay! I've got a beach in its place and I'm now able to upgrade more stuff there. I had a worker shortage.
  • I built mine a while ago because I was drowning in leaves, but using way too much humus, so I kept running out. I've since hit my max, ran out of leaves and now have to sell humus to make more. I'm now upgrading to the 4th level and will be demolishing tomorrow. It's soooo not worth it anymore.
  • Idk why you'd think they're replacing collection items. You don't get collection items from the missions and that's the only place you can get certificates. Yes, you can continue getting certificates after you've finished the machines and since GGS has already added more once, I can almost guarrantee you they'll add more…
  • You can get XP from a lot of places, but if you need more, as Samty said, your composter, silo and mill are your best bets. All the mills get them for you. Also, if you have nothing upgrading right now, you can build and destroy flower beds over and over for 1xp in 3 minutes. You lose money doing that, but you're basically…
  • I'm thinking you may be confusing the Chapters with the other tasks that are unlocked with each chapter. You do NOT have to complete any tasks except the ones that show the chapter you're on if you want to complete all the chapters. The other tasks are purely for your own pleasure should you decide to do them. Idk about…
  • Ah. Yes, 20k in running costs can happen and that's not a rip off, that's bad administrating. These farms are designed to require some skill and forethought to balance production and happiness so you can make a profit.
    in probs Comment by Wildcard999 18.08.2014
  • Since the jury is still out on what the horseshoes will do, I've decided to wait on buying seeds until I'm sure what it'll get me. It's not as though I'm going to be in competition with anyone to stock up on seeds or ship out the produce. Waiting won't hurt me, and I can only undo the decision not to buy.
  • I probably should've phrased it "If you're not going to spend all your time and money on the island farm, knocking yourself out to get as much as you can done, level 66 isn't going to get you far." Most people don't seem to be interested in doing the best they can on the island farm because it's tempoarary. And I don't…
  • Lucky me, my computer just imploded, so I haven't been able to do jack on my farms. So I was free to start upgrading the second he popped up. First time in a looooong time. It sucks I can't do anything on my computer though. Now I won't be able to finish the Alien Event on either server!
  • Not really the place here, Amjad. If you want a cooperative, go to the main list of forums and look for "Players looking for cooperatives" and post there. You can also look in "Cooperatives looking for players". Yeah, level 66 isn't going to get you far. In other news, I finished chapter 1. Yay me! Task one of chapter two…
  • Yeah, that was super lucky! I haven't gotten three license offers in the same day since I could afford to actually buy them!
    in Omar Comment by Wildcard999 16.08.2014
  • You only lose the ones on the island. If you have any on the main farm, those stay. If you want free decos, check out the really big thread on the island. There's a link to a map of free stuff on the plots of land. You can find the hammock and other decos for free under certain plots.
  • What I hate is that there's no option for the ship to get sent off once you fill the regular cargo. Not everyone can or wants to do the island. They should be able to send it off once the regular cargo is filled. It'd be even better if one of your options for the bonus boxes were regular cargo, too. Not necessarily for…
  • Lol, I'm level 84 and still upgrading myself. My main farms are on hold during the Island Event.
  • If you take a look at the newspaper that pops up when you first log into the game, it says a horse ranch is coming soon. All we know is that we need them for that. GGS isn't saying anything else yet.
  • Yeah, the horseshoes have nothing to do with the island except that island stuff can help you get more of them. I really wouldn't worry about the island unless you're level 80 and really want to win a sand castle or something.
  • Actually, I did the math and it's not so much more as it use to be. Turns out, if you max out your coop's researches, you make more money by selling than shipping. They've reduced the bonuses so it's not quite as worthwhile anymore. There is still a bonus though, and it's pretty big for those with no researches or no coop.…
  • There have been a couple people who mentioned not going to the island and being super thankful that they didn't, given all the posts they're reading. Personally, I'm glad I went to the island so that I could learn how to work it and so that I didn't have to feel like I was missing out on something. I would totally feel…
  • I never really found this game funny. Sorta fun, yeah, but funny...? Nah, not really. Some of the people here are funny though.