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  • You know this is the same thing that happens with the hardworker event. I have waited 2 days for clams oyster shrimp pools and none were made available. Now that the hardworker event is almost over they show up. So needless to say I have not gotten far this time around. Not gonna spend gold to skip to the next item. They…
  • Forgot to mention you must be 18 plus years old for this coop. Come join our friendly group of people and grow your farm with us. We are drama free and always willing to help when ever we can. Give us a try!
  • Wasn't aware you could change the fish. But have now finished all the sidebars and have bought a boat. Unforunately there is a red z over the top of my dockyard so am unable to buy any bait I guess for the boat. But will go to the forums again and figure out why. Atleast I got this far. Thank you all for the help. Boy it…
  • So for what ever reason I am unable to water other members trees or visit their farms. Apparently there are others in my test server coop that can't do this either so I am not the only one. When ever I try to do either of these my game freezes up and I have to reboot. As for the horses, had a side bar that said train my…