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  • Could you please consider allowing us to build TWO apartment blocks on our farms. Thanks.
  • If you wish to come to the UK server you would be made welcome in the Green Meadows coop.Our ethos is "It's YOUR game,YOUR way. All we ask is that you do not start any long Village Fair challenges and if you go Red light for a month or more without advising you will be away you will be removed from the coop,We are a…
  • Thanks for all the feedback and answers. ~Tony~
  • Hi Rosy, unfortunately that does not answer my question.I wish to know if a player must for example do a mission in the Championship etc. For example in the CC we have 60+ players in my coop but only approx 50 take part and do missions.The others may be logged in/online but do not do missions.Will these "others" receive…
  • As earlier, thanks for the update, I am now hoping a Mod can clarify due to confirm what is correct. Thanks for teh imput ~Tony~
  • Heather, many thanks for the answer.
  • As a Coop leader with 50+ players in our coop I will now spend ages explaning to many how to contact support. Until I and all my players get the awards they are entitled to I doubt if anyone in my coop will buy any gold and interests in the various competitions will be at a minimum. I thank the mods for their involvement…
  • Thanks for the info,kind regards.
  • LOL~ A bot has emotions.~ I just hope they have their CC awards from the last 2 CC's~ We don't. I am hoping that mods have a way to escalate the issue to a more senior level of the game management in the faint hope we can get some sort of explanation.Please note that in no way am I blaming or arguing with the mods, but we…
  • So I assume a mod can reopen it as until an issue is resolved a topic under discussion should reamin open
  • I am not asking you to reopen it. I am asking that the red box saying CLOSED be removed as many players bypass issues that say closedI assume it is a mod that added the closed box so I assum
  • RosyStarling has got her rewards but I do not think it was via the GB server.I chat with other leaders and players in UK coops and so far no heard of any in Gold league CC who have received their end of CC awards.
  • Under the Whats happening title which says CLOSED in RED we are given an explanation and a link saying it is redirefcted and to click on "Here".This takes you to a new page which also says in RED closed and whilst we can still add to it I feel it should not be closed due to it being an ongoing issue.This says to me and…
  • Hi Rosy, yes it is still open and I did write in it.However in the brown box against the title it says CLOSED.Many players do not loook at CLOSED discussions or just ignore them .How can something be closed when it is ongoing and not resolved ?
  • Second CC with no rewards, and more importantly NO APOLOGY OR RESONS GIVEN. I for one will stop buying my weekly small amounts of Gold.My apologies to the mods who are doing their best however if the guys running this game cannot fix the problem maybe a look at them having a few changes in their staff. If my comments cause…
  • No fault of the mods but rather sad that the game makers cannot put out a notice has to what has happened and what they propose to do about it.After all they are quick enough with surveys and other announcements etc. Will it be another pathetic compensation package ??
  • 1) Greta's Dream World 2) Tessa's Dream World~ xp 3) Tessa's Dream World~Missions~Hate it !
  • Many thanks for the 1000 gold. Take Care, ~Tony~
  • Roses are Red Violets are Blue When you buy Gold GG Loves you
  • Rosy~Thanks :-)