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  • Can't wait - it sounds like fun!
  • Healthier is fine - also more variety and profit. The bakery is B-O-R-I-N-G! I just keep making the pie over and over and over and over and over. Soooooo monotonous. The old restaurant was so much more fun. It had healthy salad, etc.
  • Hardly ANYONE likes the missions and no one in my co-op is doing them. What for? Who needs the seeds? Fugget about it.
  • I love the fishy/beachy theme - why not? Some farm-raised salmon? Aquatic plants. Hydroponic farming is very big right now. I love that idea - something totally different. And some exotic plants and fruits and flowers. And I love the rice fields when we have them...so pretty. Sushi anyone? Let's have a smoothie bar. We…
  • EXACTLY! There is zero evidence of having the tractor once you do everything they ask. NOTHING CHANGES. You don't SEE a tractor on the farm. Nothing IMPROVES on the farm. There is no benfit as far as I can tell so far. I am NOT going to do endless missions to get a zillion certs to upgrade a tractor when level 1 isn't…
  • I am bewildered as to why they changed it when it was soooo much better before. I miss the restaurant, dairy and profits. Was it TOO profitable and they wanted us to buy more gold or what? I do not understand the current one. It is just....feed the ducks to get eggs you don't need and the goats to get milk you don't need…
  • I agree. It takes forever to produce enough ingredients to bake anything and then there is hardly any profit. The old format was much better and more profitable. The bakery isn't the only problem. The whole new format is less fun, less interesting, less rewarding. I miss the restaurant and feel like I've been robbed, that…