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  • Has anyone else noticed the little people hiding in the woods & on the beaches????? I wondered if they may be self portraits by the team at GGS lmao :huh:
  • I TOTALLY agree 8| I'm going to be losing out on the bonus for filling the ship for the foreseeable because today it asks for cloudberries & I don't have enough runes to be able to buy them because I've only just started the tasks on the island 8( C'mon GGS at least play fair & give us a small fighting chance to actually…
  • many many thanks to both of you ^^ I'd better go & get my eyes retested lol I read & re-read and still missed it ho-hum lol Loving your honeymoon theory Rhyme :love:
  • I've obviously missed something or done something wrong in this complicated breeding of horses because although I've successfully got a new horse both of the horses that I have trained & nurtured have disappeared ;( X( is this the normal thing that's going to happen every time?? If this is the norm WHY wasn't it outlined…
  • the most ridiculous one that I've come across is skills because of the obvious in the middle of the word although it has typed here ok so it's maybe been approved now.
  • I seemed to be winning 2 out of 3 challenges up until I got my horse to level 5/6 now I'm halfway through the training to get all 3 disciplines to lvl 7 and haven't won a single challenge for at least 5 days. Once again the amount of 'stuff' needed to upgrade goes up in ridiculous amounts once you get past the first couple…
  • when I accessed this thread b4 there was a link to a spreadsheet which I can't find now lol but hopefully someone will move this for me if needed ?( On the spreadsheet on the LARGE WATERFALL lvls 55-114 it says 700 corn & 19000 eggs for the last task but this is the one I am currently doing & it is 700 corn but 4750 eggs…
  • LOL the events aren't compulsory Yakosha :huh:
  • many many thanks Ria :D fellow co-op members thought that may be the case but none of us were really sure lol I don't think any of us will be getting any of them anytime soon then :S
  • Tthe The architect that has arrived this morning has some TROPICAL buildings on offer, but how do we get them?????? I upgraded a 'normal' house to lvl5 but I didn't get given an option to choose either the Tropical or Normal, it just upgraded the normal. Also there are cowsheds & pigsties, again how do you get them??
  • I agree with kbahr ^^ I can never understand why people get so uptight because at the end of everything it's just a game lol BUT you are able to block a player from contacting you if you wish to, when you click on the players name in the rankings list it will bring up a small box with the details of that player, there is a…
    in Insult Comment by Pootsy 30.10.2014
  • this is one of the best 'hidden' bits of advice I've found, had my olive grove for ages b4 I saw this but what a difference it's made
  • when you click on the ship a window opens which shows you the goods that the ship requires for that voyage. Below each item there is a button that shows green if you have enough items to fill the order. Click on this button & it will load the items for you :D If the button isn't green then of course you don't have enough…
  • can anyone clarify for me please the amount of apples needed for donation in this event in task 5 ? I am doing the 4 book level of the event & it has come up with needing 26,100 BUT on all the spreadsheets I can find it says 8,700 lol I'm struggling through but have worked out that at 3 orchards @ level 5 it will take 45…
  • I had a similar conversation with someone in my co-op about events v missions BUT they hadn't realised that they both are counted so there's no reason not to do either. What I mean is, just to make it clear, if the event is asking you to grow & harvest corn and you have a mission for growing * harvesting corn, whatever…
  • yes the island disappears BUT it's in your interest to demolish everything because that way you will be able to get a few more shells. You can't save the decorations unfortunately BUT you don't lose any shells. The boat will keep asking for tropical fruits but the shell trader will be around if he's not there permanently…
  • How do you ""change the amount of fruits asked for by the ship that is more suited to how many you have"" ?????
  • I did the farm last time & got really stung with how much money I was conned into spending to the detriment of my main farms. Also the shells that I had managed to accumulate were spent on seeds which I no longer have & therefore have been missing out on the bonus for the ship every day, which before the fruit became a…