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  • Library graphic changed yesterday for some of us so our libraries now look like starter ones again. Books all still there.
  • Some of you will notice that I have left the Ranch which I love. I love the players and the game, I hate the CC with a vengeance and I have now come to the point where I NEVER want to have to play it again. Thus I have left to avoid CC. I have put it up with the increasing frequency with gritted teeth and heavy heart…
  • I utterly agree. This is complete madness. I think all leaders should get together and arrange a total ban on CC server wide....until GGS come to their senses and make it more sensible timeframe.
  • Agree with all of above. Disgusted. Deflated. Demoralised here. Not spending gold. Half hardheartedly catching a mushroom if I happen to see it. Not fishing with any intent...odd lobster now and again...boycotting fish market, not doing fishing HWE...and so it will stay until things change. Game utterly unbalanced now they…
  • Whatever we say seems to fall on deaf ears doesnt it. :(((
  • We in the Ranch and in the game overall have lost a fine player in andy, helpful, friendly always full to over brimming with bubbling enthusiasm which spilled over in the forums and helped many. It is very sad to see andy go and yet so many of us across the servers will understand totally why he made his decision. GGS have…
  • I have just informed support of problem [with pictures] I have had lately. I have been contributing to Barnacle and so next time boat arrives it says I have personal rewards to pick up as well as shared rewards. However when I click on personal rewards, the orange warning comes up that I have exceeded my limit and the box…
  • Re the above by TheJ.mulcahy...there is something immediate peeps can do re Paypal. Mostly if we use Paypal to buy gold it goes through express thus needing no extra info/security once it has been done once. Very fast and easy for you [but can be very useful to a hacker].Thus a hacker can access that if you have it…
  • PS...I am no computer buff but all they have to do is look at the ISP address history and match it with whoever the other player is...they should soon find out exactly which computer this hack came from...:) whoever you are that hacked poor Frantics account you will be found out soon.....because your computer is legally…
  • Frantic...I am so annoyed on your behalf...I am furious with whoever has hacked your account and suggest when discovered they be banned permanently from the game. I am disgusted with GGS slow/indifferent response. I am baffled as to why anyone would think this is an "ok" thing to do to another player...and I think it…
  • Tsitsi...you go to tackle store and buy catfish bait. Put in your tackle box. Go to gourmet or main farm pond. Click on your bait and green arrow will appear. Press that a few times and the catfish will appear for you to then catch. Same principle with other fish too....hope this helps
  • I too have them running now up to my market. I have earned 5 million in about an hour which is great...but its madness!! The only way to stop them coming in their droves...is not to serve them. then they stand there loitering...I am going to stop serving them soon as my stocks are getting low...but until then its great…