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Contract rejected! First time getting a contract this big, but all that Jam is telling me "Nope not today!"  ;)
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I started out some 3 years ago and had 'just 6' after awhile had passed, then later added more won from being in different coops and demolished my regular cowsheds to replace with either Tropical/candy cows. Later I won Copious cowsheds (big ones) and Capacious/Colossal sheds. Now those big ones are in 2 Cow…
  • So for $4.99 I'll get the amount of gold that's shown in my full piggy bank? It doesn't tell me how much gold I get when it takes me to the shop...only 'Checkout' shows and how I wanna pay!
I have just 47 cowsheds but my contracts are still high when it comes to milk. The more cows or anything else you have, the more the contract seems to want especially when the values are at 99. I finally got the pineapple jam filled in the Zoo contract and now working on the milk. Other contracts I have want more milk…
  • BTW, I don't read or speak a lick of German :D :D 
  • Thanks Rosie, I'm even more baffled by the fact that I was logged into the German forum. As I was already logged into my US1 farm (only account I have) when I came to the forum those few days. It's absolutely strange how that worked out, I did clear all browsing/cache/disk cleanup and defrag then logged back into the…
  • Wow thanks a bunch! I'm glad I entered, am doing my happy gold dance ;)
  • Thanks for the badge, contest and prize Rosy and to Farmer John for your awesome graphic designs involved with the contest photo. Congratulations to all winners, you rocked it! It's nice to win some gold from time to time. Happy Easter y'all :)
I am the person that has been working on this contract for well over 3 months, I just didn't think I'd run out of pineapple. I've been filling other contracts and have made above the amount shown on that 1 contract above on, just can't see myself deleting it now since all that time and products put into it so far.…
  • Oh boy, I didn't use the right username shown here...that's just my luck on this contest and the gold egg contest. Whelp, I screwed myself out of a possible prize by not noticing the username asked to use. I used MY username :neutral:
  • The only reason why I didn't decline this contract is cuz of the high pay out amount. I've never had 1 that high before. All others get deleted since I've found out the 'hard way' the road block that can bring it to a halt when it comes to jam. I only commented cuz @"ninjahuman (AU1)" was asking for feedback on the highest…
  • I've had this order for well over 3 months, I ran out of pineapple, so it's taking me longer to fill the jam. Milk is usually the highest amount over everything else I get, It'll get filled eventually ;)
  • RosyStarling, I'm referring to the Values that show the 99 inside the box in purple. I know those percentages only go to 25%. I guess I worded some of my sentences wrong using %, but I was talking about getting the Values to go past 99 (into the 100-129+ area) which would give a higher bonus percentage. Thanks @"ninjahuman…
  • I've been playing this game for 3 years and my market value % never go past 99%. I talked with a friend in the game by phone and she told me her values are way past 99%. What's going on with that? I thought the highest was 99%. So do tell what I'm doing wrong, these are organic market contracts starting at type 1 all the…
Mine is now working, hopefully you can access yours too.
  • Yes @RosyStarling, I saw that. That's just the way it shows up when I reload after all the freezing, I have to click on the Login side to get back into the game. Point is it was the 8th time back to back the game logged me out and I just got aggravated with the whole situation. I don't need any game bad enough to keep…
  • I've tried to click on the full piggy bank and the BF sale icon but it freezes up and I can't click on anything now! I reload the page and have to login again, this has happened back to back 6-7 times and I still can't click on those to get gold for $4.99. After clearing the cookies/cache and history nothing will open up…
  • I see CBF55 farm and her coop name is: name goes here I found her by typing the username into the top box under 'find a player' Just thought I'd let y'all know even though she's in process of moving. 
  • I'm glad I'm not in a coop and have to deal with GDW then towards the end GGS messes up it like it did for TDW. All that time and days spent for nothing....BUMMER! 
  • I didn't think I would be needing a screenshot of my DW but was at level 49 or 50 with close to 4300 diamonds. So no proof but and BOOM back to level 1 and NADA diamonds! I'm on the US server so it's not an isolated situation. I've already contacted support but thought I'd chime in here to see if others had the same…