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  • The rate of which a new contest begins is now downright ridiculous. There is no breathing room at all. We just went directly from one HWE to a Co-op challenge right back to a new HWE. I was expecting it to be fishing since we just did the main farm one. Nope. Players in my coop are getting frustrated with all these…
  • Twice now since the latest HWE started for November 2017 the products next in the queue have totally changed from what I was prepared to harvest based on what Lester said was coming up next. Nothing like having my plots prepared to harvest alfalfa immediately followed by cabbage and then logging in to discover now it…
  • I finally had a co-op member send me to the tasks on the LEFT side of the flower farm task list. Once I did Oleg's bidding I was able to unlock the boat building. Since it is my flower farm and there isn't much to do there on the tasks except expand and add deco's I never pay attention to it. *sigh* I wasted a lot of time…
  • SO I basically wasted 600 gold to buy one oil can to use on someone else's farm?!? That sucks! BOOO to you Big Farm. It showed up as an option to buy in the the flash sales. I thought it would increase my overall production by 10%. Not a one time use for someone else's. So stupid. I sure wish the explanation was give a bit…
  • So far I spent $50,000 x3 to fish on my boat. Caught two fish total. After the first catch on my first two outings I got the ghost line. Had to back out of fishing then wait until the timer allowed me to take my boat out again. On 3rd trip out I got the ghost line on my first cast. What a waste of $$! Apparently the bug…