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  • Thank you for reporting it again, but from past experience, I must say that reports from this forum seem to have a direct connection at the receiving end with the garbage can..... so I won't hold my breath. But that is a good line to use. So next time my landlord or someone with an unpaid bill calls for payment, I will use…
  • Thank you Exxy, but that is not the issue, I am way past that task. A few people in my coop did not get them either....... same as last Greta's DW. Edit: In fact, just checked with friends in other coops. Some did get the tasks, others did not which is exactly what happened in the last Greta.
  • Are you joking or simply making fun of us? Again, no daily tasks in DW. Many times during the last one, it was said to have been fixed. I guess someone was wrong or let's say misinformed.... So again, we are losing the possibility to get diamonds. Is it possible for that company to do something right the first time? Or at…
  • Again no daily tasks. Only got them twice since beginning of Greta's DW...... :(
  • Why do some of my coop members and myself have daily tasks in Greta's DW only every other day? If that is a bug, please fix it. If it is the new way, then don't call that daily tasks. We are missing the opportunity of getting extra diamonds. Personally, I only had them twice since the beginning of DW. Thank you.
  • Nope.....those ads are back as of today. Guess they did not listen after all. :)
  • You are listening so well to us that the solution you found to our complaints is now to add those ads to Tessa Dream World.....I am not even immune from those in my dreams. This is a joke And I refuse to click on any of those ads because of viruses and malwares that might be on those unknown sites and that could affect my…
  • Yes, ads are back in full force. Not only upon log in, but also changing farms, even when watering other players' trees. I think they had just stopped them for the duration of the CC so that players would stop complaining and now they just put them back up. So when they say there is no short term solution..... hmmm makes…
  • You are really ruining this CC, especially when you change farms to collect in the last few seconds of a mission and a super, super, super annoying ad comes up and prevents you from a win. Did I say that those ads were super, super, super annoying? Then, let me repeat myself. They are super, super, super annoying up to a…
  • It would be honest to remove from your site the words '' Free-to-play Multiplayer Farm simulation'' It is no longer the case as the game has become unplayable with those pop ups So your statement is now false, you have to pay to play
  • Sorry, but I really cannot find anything constructive to say about those annoying ads that pop up when I change farms and freeze my game for 15 or 30 seconds. With a CC coming up tomorrow, missions will be hampered, probably to a point where I will just forget about it. I am relatively new to this game, but up to now, I…