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  • @"Cookiie4me (US1)" I disagree the Island aren't for people with fully developed farms. All players have to choice to take part in the Islands when they get to Level 30. I do agree with @"Damaria3 (US1)" on the matter that even at lower levels players can't have as high expectations especially when playing all farms…
 While I see MRG1 (US1)'s point about GGS and proceeds from players buying Gold. I think GGS does a good job on this Game giving options and making improvements. There are other building on the farms which give the option to use farm cash or gold to skip an action and the Island Bank give to option to use gold to skip…
  • That's So True Ros7 (US1). But I believe there still should be an Option for the upgrade since we have such a short time to manage the Island Farm and some players may not be able to take up the Option to Skip the Upgrade Time with Gold. It is only fair to have the option as we do with other buildings.
  • Tuna Salad
  • R: Roastbeef
  • I completely agree with the idea to limit the amount of gold used in missions. That would make the challenge better because no matter what level or how much gold a player may have it helps even the field for those new to the game and trying to figure it out, those with little gold and those who may have ran out of gold…
  • I never tried sunflowers for bees either, Thanks for the tip. Will that task be coming back around? If so I hope they are gonna make it better, easier to get the bees. It really does take too long to get them.
  • I Completely Agree! This County Fair is Lots of Fun, "alot more than "Finding the Bees" " :):rolleyes:;):cool: I am just waiting to see what else it will bring. But right now I just wanna find these last two candies for today, LOL! :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  • Yeah, I'm Still Not getting the Loading Bonus (215 Horseshoes and the XP points) when I make a Full Load on the Ship. I am so in need of those horseshoes! :(
  • That will add an interesting aspect but I'm not sure about it seeing we already have so many different seeds to deal with. Still, I think these are good concepts.
  • Doggone! I neva thought 'bout that. I'm so glad loading is a bonus and not a mandatory thing in da game. Although I like the challenge of the Island Farms and the only way to get Horseshoes is loading the ship. There should be another way to get Horseshoes though! Like maybe we should be able to fish off the dock for them.…
  • I propose implementing a CHALLENGE BACK OPTION for The Horse Tournaments Currently we Can Challenge other Players as Challenges are computer generated but my thought is about when we check our Notice Board Tournament News Messages where we can see Challenges from other players that we may have missed while offline or…
  • The time for the research being done in the project doesn't start until you have all your researchers paid for and pay the separate fee to start the project.