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  • STORY 4 1. A professor was giving a lecture to his class. 2. He started: "Global warming is due to the intense heat in the atmosphere." 3. "We should try to reduce burning garbage." 4. "We should try not to increase the pol…
  • George stood open mouthed as he saw children dressed up as purple penguins coming to attack with plastic swords...
  • RESULTS: STORY 3 The best answer given was by Yakoska. Congratulations!
  • Halloween Flag, Christmas Flag and Easter Flag. What are the names of the three contestants we can challenge in the HORSE COMPETITION?
  • I think I am a really young guy playing compared to the others here. I mean, I'm 14! Look at the others! THERE IS HARDLY ANY UNDER 30 (I said hardly, there might be some). But this game MUST be meant for children cause it can really improve the stra…
  • STORY 3 1. Pineapple said to apple," HI APPLE! I AM PINEAPPLE!" 2. Apple said to Pineapple," HI PINEAPPLE! I AM APPLE!" 3. Both became good friends soon. 4. But one day, apple could not find pineapple. 5. He saw a man...eating..…
  • Shop, Distillery and Apiary. How much does a 'FANCY HOUSE' (level 1) cost?
  • Glow. Who or What is required to upgrade SIMPLE HOUSE to LEVEL 5?
  • 1- Cosy Picnic Area 2- Ornamental Tree (it is very very hidden) 3- Big Ornamental Tree (also hidden) ...that's about it... What difference does premium chicken feed have from the ordinary chicken feed?
  • The other car driver (whose name was George) said, "What the hell is the purple penguin defense team?"
  • Line 3 is correct, but another line can also (and/or) be cut off. Can you guess which line it is?
  • The driver of the other car was very angry.
  • Level 25. How many expansions can you make to your main farm. (xXx)
  • NEW STORY John Wycliff was was driving his car through Mildwane street.
  • The most accurate answer(s) would be: Line 2 AND Line 4. STORY 2 1) An ant climbed up a water spout. 2) Another ant climbed down the water spout 3) Both ants met. 4) The first ant said, "How do you do mate?" 5) The second ant said, "…
  • STORY 1 1. Mary saw a little lamb. 2. It's fleece was white as snow. 3. Mary caught it by the leg and the little lamb fell down to the floor. 4. Mary was horrified at what she had done. 5. The lamb looked up with big blue eyes, as big as the sun. 6…
  • I knew it all along. Not that I have tried. I warn people of my cooperative not to download these fake hacks.
  • 8)1,00,000 In the mine, How much gold do you need to give if you have one GOLD MINING LICENSE and you need 4,000 gold?
  • Do not know. I did not answer this question (sorry) but people have stopped answering from here on, so I am going to put up another question. Name one BigFarm moderator.
  • It is the event in which we choose to either help (be nice to) or prank (be naughty to). How many doghouses can one have?