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Ditto. Especially the 'Destroy' option... in fact, I'd welcome that on ALL my farms 'cause I've about had it with this game. Period.
  • As if I were any competition to her at all, Mary would joke with me when we'd cross paths in a mission... she would give me tips and encouragement... and a bit of hope that someday, maybe I could be a tenth as good as she was. A gracious, generous lady who will be missed by both those she played with and against - a…
:Gasp!: There's a shocker!
  • Please, GGS, make it so only a Deputy or the Co-op leader can start a Challenge! With all the other garbage chasing co-op members away... and with prizes being severely weakened... we're not getting many people who want to commit to the time and effort of a Village Fair Challenge. And when we DO happen to work up some…
  • The point of GGBF is to make $$ for GG... as long as there are co-ops and players who will, literally, spare no expense to buy the top spots, GG will never change. What those goobers get out of buying a title baffles me... it's like getting a participation trophy. Who cares? If I bragged out in the real worls how I beat…
Really? I was too stunned to notice! LOL
  • Congratulations, GGS... you've managed to turn a recreational activity into a job - and to make it even worse, it's a job for which we don't even get paid what we earn. Our co-op, a group of folks who have grown to genuinely like one another as friends, is drifting apart. Some of us are playing other games elsewhere. Some…
There's another one they might want to consider: 'Don't kill the goose who laid the Golden Egg.' Also known in game circles as: 'Don't drive off the gamer who bought the golden coins.'
No answer IS their answer.
  • Fuzzy math that benefits the top 5 coops (who are gold buyers delux anyway) isn't going to put this fire out.
Send me a message when you find one and let me know what it is. I - and several in my coop - are looking, too.
  • Oh, the reason for the revamp is to give us new stuff we'll 'love'! That's always the reason they give... bottom line, their main reason is to try and push play toward buying more gold. They can take away whatever they like at this point - nothing will inspire me (and/or most of my coop) to increase my interest in the CCs…
They've "adjusted" just about everything in this game that made it worth playing. I feel like all of us are standing in front of Darth Vader and his next line is, "Pray I don't "adjust" it any further."
  • LOL... we're an angry mob, milling about with pitchforks, tar, and feathers (gathered from our very own duck ponds, barns, and deep sea off-shore drilling rigs)... and not a single GGBF spokesperson has the testicular fortitude to come in here and even venture the tiniest defense for the totally moronic, completely…
Now you've done it, DK! They'd forgotten that one! They'll kill it now! :)
  • It occurs to me that the long-time players (those who remember 'the Good Ol' Days in the game) are slowly being driven off. We've seen all GG's tricks. We've been stripped of most - if not all - the good reasons to play. We no longer buy gold. We're just in the way. GG needs room for fresh-faced, eager young space cadets…
  • Thanks, GG, for another useless icon to take up room on an already-crowded field. :smh:
  • Gotta love all y'all 'happy farmers' who think all this ongoing crap is 'just ducky'. For the rest of us, it's just another straw... and my camel's back is crackin'.
  • The only thing lacking from Big Farm to make it a real job is my being paid real money. Over the months, it's become more like work and less like a game. Limiting the CC to once a month will not only take some of the pressure off the players, it will take some pressure off the servers! There's so much going on ALL THE…
  • Dear GGS... I've never seen this many special offers for gold in so short a span of time - Two for One, Matching Gold for your Coop! Spin the wheel! Buy Gold and you get this batch of goodies worth more... More... MORE! I don't care how many times you throw that 'Double Gold Offer!' up on my screen... I ain't buyin' no…