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  • Here is Oz we are charged AUD$4-99 for the same thing. Sorry I can't answer your query either. You need Wascally or Rowdy to answer that.
  • @"Blue Denim (US1)" I was taught from a very young age to always cover my mouth with my hand or a tissue when coughing & sneezing. It is not new. It's just some people have forgotten their manners. Or are they just lazy? Washing hands before eating, after playing outside & after going to the toilet were also taught from a…
  • It's all good now. Logged out for a while & now the balloons have reset. Phew! Found them all. :) Thanks @"artful (US1)"
  • The last 24 hours has just clicked over but the balloons have not reset so I can't collect the last day's amount. I missed one day so I thought I would be able to collect the remaining ones needed on the last day of the hunt. Not so. Is anyone else experiencing not being able to collect the last day's balloons? Why didn't…
  • It apparently was at the top of the page where the "hot deals" icon, "favourte offers" etc are. It was a box in wrapping paper. @"artful (US1)" & I cleared cache & reloaded but nothing appeared @"GrammaLeah (US1)" @WascallyWabbit
  • Just completed step 2 & the reward was a cult stone. Clicked on it & it disappeared. It is not in my inventory on the temp farm. Where did it go? Another bug perhaps??
  • I am missing half time production time also. Offline when the event finished. Finished in the top 20.
  • Why does the pop-up for buying summer monument coins keep popping up after harvesting ONE item? It is very annoying & making play very hard. It is impossible to play at the moment. I will now have to wait until tomorrow when the season is over to be able to play my farm. @WascallyWabbit
  • Thanks @"carjola (AU1)". Wasn't aware of the time that it arrived. Wish GGS would give us this kind of information when they bring out a new event. They always seem to leave out vital information for us to play the event without having to resort to asking questions here. :)
  • My medal finally arrived this morning. Many hours later. I thought they arrived straight after the new countdown started. I waited for the countdown to get to 00:00 but nothing. At least it arrived. :)
  • Well a new day for the village fair started half an hour ago & I have NOT received my gold medal for being in first place. Logged out & back again but no joy!! What has happened to my medal?
  • I've noticed recently that the timer does not count down to when the next new deal will start. The icon timer, when you hover over the icon, still goes around so you can see when time is up but the actual number timer does not work. It is always on zeros. I'm on HTML using chrome. A new bug for the new year perhaps?
  • Thank you so much Southern. I'm no good at searching for topics. I usually end up with very old topics that are of no use for the present moment. :)
  • I would prefer it to show how much time is left before you click on Omar. As it is you have to click on him to see if anything has changed. Bring back the old way. Wascally, you didn't have to click on him to see if the timer had changed previously you just hovered the mouse over his head. You could easily see the time…
  • I would like to add my annoyance at gold being taken when I open up Santa's workshop. Will there be a return of gold to everyone or do we need to send in individual tickets to support?
  • Well done Goo (SKN1) for reporting those players who can't seem to play the game for what it is. Fun!! Unfortunately there's always a few to spoil the fun for everyone. Congrats to GGS for listening & attending to the matter at hand. :)
  • Thanks for that. I tried everything but the dot. :) Cheers. :)