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  • I guess I missed that part of the announcement. Thanks for getting back at me. I thought you would be able to breed you horses and thereby enlarge you're stable and have different attributes for each horse.
  • What happened to all my horses? What, when you breed them you just loose them? That wouldn't be to cool. All the time training them and then poof, their gone, not to mention the cost in horseshoes training them. If that's the case, how can you build a stable of horses?
  • Yea, I called a friend of mine "Homeskillet" in Good-game Empire and couldn't send the message because skillet contains "kill". What the _ell?
  • The second event in the advent calendar shows the original concept artwork the studio used to design this game. What are you supposed to do? What can you try to earn? I don't understand.
  • Yes I agree. I have trained my horse up to it's maximum (10 10 10) and still loose when I compete, even when the opposition is only at level 7. How are you supposed to upgrade your training area when you can't win a race? And you need like 240 shoes to even do the upgrade.
  • When you put humus on the fields it will increase the yield of what you planted.
    in Humus Comment by Liqrbutt 03.12.2014
  • Was there something constructive in that post? I missed it I guess. Go beat another dead horse. And I would guess nobody, young or not have NEVER heard that.
  • Tallyho!......
  • Yes, that's the highest level in that event. And to Scissors, thank you and I see what you mean, the cost of completing these events v, value of reward. I guess I'll need to rethink. But you also have to keep in mind what your reward is in completing each task as well as the one at the end. I sometimes think those are more…
  • To RunsWivScissors, No offense taken, I have successfully completed the specialist before, albeit without having to ship so many apples from the harbor during the event. The reason I chose that level is because of happiness provided from the reward (if successfully completed). The more happiness, the lower your cost to do…
  • Yea, the problem with just letting it sit is it sits for 6 hours and then you have to wait another 6 hours for one to come back to do your next shipping. So you loose all that time you could have better spent earning more horseshoes and xp's. Point being is that there should be a way to send the ship on it's way especially…
  • Yea, I'm with you on that one. They ought to have a way to let you send the ship on it's way even though your short items to complete, just don't pay you the horseshoes or give you the xp for items your short on. Or better yet don't require items you need to ship if they are items needed to complete a task in the current…
  • Don't know how that will help. I am growing and harvesting as fast as I can but when you need to donate over 15,000 apples to complete the 2nd task and they are requiring nearly 1,500 apples to ship (twice) at the harbor that's more than 18,000 apples to do. I don't know about you but it takes 3 hours + to grow the apples.…
  • Thank you mistie. That makes sense now. ndf said above the ship is only to earn more money not trade for horseshoes.
  • Well, if you export, unless you are giving the items away, you ARE selling.
  • The way I see it is if I sell to the captain at the harbor, it must be at my price or I wouldn't sell. A sale is a sale. If I sell my product to the captain in the harbor there goes my inventory of product I need to meet the task. Should receive credit towards meeting the task.
  • Well how do you earn more money with product inventory? You sell them! Correct?
  • Is there a way to see who let someone in? I asked my deputies who might of, nobody is coping to it. I'm thinking/wondering if after a certain amount of time, the game just puts them in as I left the applications alone, waiting to receive answers to my questions. Never got a reply, but next thing I know, they are in.
  • That's what I thought, the deputies can change the Co-op settings.
  • Well to earn MONEY with the item, it must be sold, does it not?