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  • This is my feedback/observations on the version 2 of Coop HW: - It appears the harvest #'s used for version 1's top division now apply to 100-149 - Reducing the # of points for the GML from 8 million to 4.6 million makes it achievable. - Restarting the HW silo in the middle of the event disrupts planning. I was on pace in…
  • @WascallyWabbit, @CuddlyFoxes Could you confirm if Flower Farm requirements don't apply to Level 100-149 for the Cooperative Hard Worker? I haven't seen any of those but neither has anyone else in my coop, however the regular HW event has been known to not give me particular items (like apples) for 3 iterations. Thank you.…
  • Anyone else notice that we don't have happy hour bonuses this week? Or maybe it just doesn't work for me. I don't recall seeing that information in the patch notes.
  • I've found this helpful if you want to participate in Oktoberfest but aren't concerned about the top rank. Don't fill the 30 min contracts right away, this will cause you to run out of goods before you can produce them again. At least for me, it's best to wait until < 5 minutes on the contract to fill it. My reasoning is…
  • If you win the trawler as a reward in the FHW you can place it. Technically you can't upgrade it until appropriate level but you can create it even with a non level 8 dockyard.
  • &#13;After playing with it for awhile, I've determined that there is a difference in the attributes on the wheel when using the jumping obstacle or the flute. When I've used the flute, the breeding effect for Jump Power shows up, when I use the jumping obstacle, then that disappears and I end up with an extra strength…
  • &#13;Cool, thanks, that probably explains it, I'll go for a different one next time . Next trick is to figure out how to get the love meter to put the attributes I want on it. I've noticed they change as you go around, but haven't figured out if that's related to a) horses in meadow b) training items I select c) attributes…
  • &#13;I normally choose basic attributes (strength, agility, etc.) and not breeding effects. So I'll breed for +2 Strength and not see that in my Meadow Attributes list.