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  • My heart is broken :( Rest, now, sweet Mary. Find warmth in the wings of the angels. I will miss you. 
  • My dear Mary <3 My heart is broken. We all love you so much. I wish I could take your pain away. You have given all of yourself to us here. My earliest memory was chatting with you the week after I joined as a little level 75'er. It was when Coopcha used to start at weird hours and it was 4am and your joy and excitement…
  • That's not the issue. We have a new monument for Winter, on flower farm. However, the game is handing out autumn coins, not new winter coins to go with the new winter monument. 
  • I too am disappointed in the prizes. It's hard to keep motivated and to enjoy the co-op challenge while thinking about the real resources being lost and worrying about affording it and not wanting to let down your team. I'm sure many of us feel this way. But, if the automated system is true, then I don't understand who put…
  • You know that scene in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation where Clark's boss's wife shames him for cutting the Christmas bonuses? I feel like that's a shaming that ggs requires. The last prize I got from this HWE was 40 wet pig feed. 40 wet pig feed. I couldn't believe it. It's cost me hundreds in super fertilizer and…
  • I have to agree with Kimber's concerns here. GGS has been downright deceptive in it's portrayal of the Laboratory. I remember being SO excited when I first built it, and seeing all of the options that lay ahead of me for when I was able to upgade. And then they started to go away...and now they feel so out of reach. I can…
  • This certainly is a lively discussion. The reason I would argue this is a case of losing poorly, and not about "improving the game", is the following (please note that "coopcha" means "Co-Operative Challenge"): 1) The only issue brought up was the ability to 1 000 000 rep pts with the blue bag. Nothing was brought up about…
  • Thank you for implementing these fixes. Will players be compensated for the runestones they have missed out on since the beginning of the Festive Farm? Many of us are past Chapter 1 which would mean a lot of runestones have not been awarded to us. Please respond. Thank you.
  • I don't engage too deeply in the island. I plant 5 fields and just grow crops for the whole thing. It seems though, that my activity on mymain farm is completing some of the daily island tasks for me. For example, my island task was to supply the island orchards (which I have none of) with fertilizer. Supplying my cherry…
  • Hi DuffyKid, Thank you for your reply. I understand that it "balances" b/c it's not just my horses but I think the idea of this is silly. It's nearly illogical - if others can race my horses while they're training than I should too (which is also illogical). In training should mean off limits.