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  • I'm not sure I agree about "unfairly matched". GGS has to pick from the folks who want a mission in a 5-minute period. I'm guessing that we're getting the best they can find. I haven't been matched with any 200-level players yet, and I know those folks are on _a lot_. If they narrowed the criteria, I think the tradeoff…
  • I can see why GGS does not want to go back to allowing us to simply choose our missions. They were getting dominated by players who had specialized their farms for a single mission type. On the other hand, the current setup leaves us locked into pointless missions (pointless for us anyway). Here's a thought that addresses…
  • I voted for "other". I'm tired of being stuck in the same mission time and again, or in missions I cannot work for one reason or another. I want some choice about the missions I'll go on.
  • As perhaps they should. Spoken as one who didn't buy gold until level 80. I enjoyed the challenge. I just decided to try different challenges. Most of the talk about changing things to make stuff more convenient strikes me as just whining. If GGS implemented all such suggestions, everything would be easy, nothing would be…
  • There's a possible excuse for this. It used to be you could choose a mission. Now you have to enter a lottery, and you may get a mission you don't want. I may be all primed to do dung, but get eggs. I know my coop will be doing eggs as soon as I deliver enough milk. Should I donate eggs for your benefit, or hold them for…
  • It's still a fairly simple and fun game. You just have to play it right. - ignore the ship - ignore the greenhouse - ignore the airport - ignore the track & horses - ignore shells, horseshoes Play your 3 permanent farms. Work on what your co-op needs if you have one. There's nothing about them that prevents you from…
  • Good ideas all. Especially giving the g-farm more to do with coop success.
  • But fortunately the workshop functions by speeding things up, unlike the water tower that reduces requirements. So, I can hope that it will help the Mixing Plant too. My level 3 mixing plant says it takes 2 hours 30 minutes per batch, and I have a level 5 workshop. Anybody have a comparison?
  • At level 81 now, things look a bit different. I have 6 ducks, 1 donkey, 3 goats, 4 gardens, 4 orchards. I could have more, but I haven't been focusing on this farm. The bakery works all the time. It's busy all the time. The mill is idle some of the time because there's enough feed. Mostly the g-farm works for me as an…
  • It's got the garden pump on line 61. But I cannot find the Tree with Rope Lights.
  • Even when there's competition, there are non-participating members, and the rewards are small. What this amount to is that I'm not rewarded for what others are not doing. Get it? I don't really.
  • Really great suggestions. I particularly like incorporating ways for the coop to help its members, or for the members to help each other. If it cost some of that excess money, that might keep GGS happy because it would encourage further donations, and would not hurt us at all if we didn't do it.
  • Me too. Fortunately, I never dumped any gold, and less than a million dollars. Now it just sits there. I stopped loading the ship when I noticed it was paying horseshoes instead of usable money. Way too complicated. The nice thing is that I can still play, and still contribute to my coop's success without any of that.
  • This is a great resource, but I notice that the "Tree with Rope Lights" is not listed, but I've seen it on a couple of farms. Anybody know its specs?
  • I'm retired.
  • Agree, this is putting me off. I'm level 75, still levelling up like crazy on the first 3 farms, and after a couple of trips to the bank, realized the island was not for me. I'm not going there any more. So the effect of the ship was to give me a little taste of what I won't have again for a long time. Ever hear of…
  • The start of this thread (page 1) has a link to a spreadsheet. That sheet has not been updated with the new level. Does anyone know if there's a spreadsheet around that has it right?
  • I agree that it's nicely done, but there's some information missing that I was hoping to find. There does not appear to be anything about the barns. Near the bottom of the leftmost column, there's a picture of a barn, but the caption is "composter" and the data do not agree with the little I already know. Anybody have barn…
  • I agree, especially about the architect. My main problem with "archie" is that he often comes when I have hours to go on a long upgrade project and is gone before I can use him. Really annoying.
  • I think posting about it here does not constitute reporting the offenders. It's not clear to me that anyone from GGS reads the forum at all. The moderators are volunteers, not GGS. So: Bweatherhold, please use the "support" link next to the gear menu at the top of your game screen. Some time ago, our coop was infiltrated…