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  • Hi Folks,

Good day to you all. I was wondering if anyone of you could help me in creating a signature for myself, I like the Big Farm idea in the signature, placing a bit of each farm in the signature would be perfect.

Can I request this? Thank You!!

  • I hope this bug or what ever it is called is sorted out before the next CC which is in around 20.00 hrs from now as we don't want to end up receiving visual errors again... :#
  • Hi Fellow Farmers, I had started a Thread on the same subject "Missing Mystery Boxes" and a day or so after that I got a surprise when I did not see the discussion I had started under 'My Discussions" under Quick Links on my page... When I did find my thread, I saw that it had been interjected into another discussion with…
  • Hi Timinu Tufu, I would also like to ask as to how come the discussion that I had started in regard to this issue has disappeared from "My Discussions" and appears under another heading??? How can this happen? Is this another BUG or can this be done at will.
  • Hi Timinu Tufu, Thanks for letting us know that your'll are aware of this issue and that it's been looked into. I hope that while you all are looking into why the bug is happening, you will also look into how we all can be recompensed for what we lost. Thank you!!
  • Dear Mods / Farmers, Good day to all of you!! I do not know whether any other farmer has experienced this issue / error so I have posted the details of it in the hope that I would get some idea of why its happening... I received some prizes after the last CC and when I clicked on them to open them up I repeatedly received…
  • Yes LeaderNancy...that's a very good point, new prizes from the Wheel and better rewards during events as well as the CC...after all the prizes and rewards are the same year in and year out...a variety should be there....that should spike the farmers interest and better dividends would be there for GGS as well as for the…