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  • Hi Folks, I am having similar problems when I try to log into the game, I have tried from both the Chrome and Edge browsers and cant get past the first pop up screen that appears, screen shots provided below for your ready reference. I have now been able to log onto the game using the Opera Browser and could get to the…

Does that mean that whatever extra CC coins we received due to the bug in the system can be kept by us and utilized by us?

  • This there earlier on too Tasks: 

Level 3 Quality
Place 9 level 3 decorations Place 22 level 3

Place 26 level 3 decoration Place level 3 decorations that together provide 435 happiness Place level 3
decorations that together provide 756 farm happiness…
  • Thank goodness that the new field I built on the Northern Lights Farm is allowing me to sow Flax on it, so it works -- demolishing and building -- but time spent on this... :(
  • @"BamaBeachMama (US1)" Please have a look here for the problem that you are facing, it's being discussed here.
  • I am facing the same problem with the Winter Fields, demolishing the one now and will have to build another. I hope that I will be able to use it once built.
  • I am also having the same problem in the Winter Field, could not plant any crop or Sardines / Herrings, have had to demolish the field. Wonder why these bugs keep reappearing and can't be solved once they have been brought to the attention of GGS/BFG?? I will be building a fresh winter field and I hope that I don't face…
  • Another thing, as some of the other farmers mentioned, we have enough of flags with us, some farmers have a lot more than others, so -- for the 8th Anniversary of Big Farm, would just a mere flag be worth the effort required and also, would just a flag to be WON be enough to actually celebrate 8 years of Big Farm??? :#…
  • It's funny how it was never brought to the attention of all the farmers participating in the "Happy 8th Big Farm Anniversary Reward" that the only reward you would get was the flag. Yes, the flag is mentioned as a reward but I guess we all also thought that we would get the float as a reward as well. I know for sure that…
  • It's funny how it was never brought to the attention of all the farmers participating in the "Happy 8th Big Farm Anniversary Reward" that the only reward you would get was the flag. This is truly misleading and brought a lot of disappointment to the Farmers who I am sure would never have got involved with this rip off if…
  • Hi Farmer John, OK, Thanks, this signature is Great!! I like it a lot. Thanks a TON!! Jashe
  • Hiya Folks, I am facing a similar problem. I don't have a Cat Tree and I have cleared my cache, it's still not happening. Why don't the people here who are supposed to sort these problems out, actually get to sorting out the problem rather than asking us to clear cache and or demolish the Cat Tree. I suggest that you speak…
  • @farmerjohn, Hmmm....I guess I was asking for too much, maybe you could make an entirely different signature keeping in mind the theme of the Big Farm. Thanks!!
  • @farmerjohn, could I request for a few changes to be done for my signature. I really like your signature and picked up a few points from it, like I have described below. I hope that your not mad, thinking I'm sponging off what is yours... This ones taken from your signature, I really like the layout, but instead of having…
  • @Chickadee Quilter Thanks a lot for your response, I will see how best I can follow the advise given, it sure helps to get all the help provided.
  • @Alaa Ali 1 (INT!) Thanks for your speedy response, I will take a look at the links that you have provided.
  • @farmerjohn 22 (us1), Thank you so very much, I also like the added in color provided to the signature, it makes it stand out so much better. All in all -- Very, Very Nice!! Thank You!! :) :) :)
  • @farmerjohn 22 (us1), Could I request you to please add the name of the coop "Incubator" (which I belong to), on the signature, maybe in the same colour of the side of the barn, placing the name on the roof of the barn, just under my name. Thank You!!
  • @ninjahuman au1 Hi, I was also wondering what you meant by well developed Decor Valley's. I did not know that a farmer needed to place their Decor's in the valley as per the list given in order to earn more PP pennies from the stalls. I also wonder whether the Farmers know that there are GML's to be Won during the Pleasure…
  • Hi Farmer John, This one's amazing and I have already set it as my signature. Thank You!!