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  • Hi Everybody, I must say that this issue with not being able to log into the Forum, which is happening for quite a few players and not happening for a lot of players, seems to be something that is completely wrong. If it is a bug, then it seems to have a mind of its own, like "Selective Amnesia" -- and for the support team…
  • @"Gut Landluft (DE1)" Thanks for the clarification. Understand it now.
  • @Gut Landluft Thanks for your response. I was not aware that I needed to pick the right themed cowshed. What I picked was this one: Earlier on I have got these appearances, which I have not yet used. I actually thought that just like the themed house, pictured below, I just needed to select what I wanted. I guess I was…
  • @"farmerjohn 22 (US1 Thank you very much. I like this signature very much.
  • Hi There, Is it possible to request for a signature, which has horses in in being herded towards the corral. Leaving the background scenery to you, should be a bit striking though. Thank you!!
  • @RosyStarling Thanks, it works and I am glad.
  • Hi Folks, It's a huge relief to know that the WWC Coins are there. Thanks for all the head-ups. I found them. Question: Can I use the coins I have to upgrade my Acrobatic Kite, even though I did not have enough earlier to the bug? and if I do, will I be penalized for using the extra coins that come in through the bug.…
  • @"jorisvanvlijmen (NL1)" There are other farmers / players for whom their WWC Coins inventory have not been removed, I don't know how a bug can be selective like this, take some out and leave the others intact. Very strange, unless there's a human hand involved in the removals / non-removals of the WWC Coins Inventory.…
  • I would like to know whether we will get back the WWC Coins that we had in our inventory before this Bug hit. I had been saving up and had 7,300 coins, was waiting for it to reach 8,000 and then upgrade my Acrobatic Kite. Now the whole WWC Inventory is missing from the Trade Center. How come the WWC Coins bug take out my…
  • Every time a BUG occurs in this game, the players are the ones who lose out in the end. There was only one instance recently that I remember, a similar situation where extra WWC Coins were doled out, we got to keep them and use them as per each individual's choice. In this instance, GGS should allow the WWC coins to be…
  • @RosyStarling This is the response that you provided yesterday, we have followed it and till date nothing has happened. Yes, support did get back to us stating that they are looking into the matter. What I would like to know is this, it's very simple. When GGS or whoever makes these kind of setups in the system, is it not…
  • @RosyStarling To the best of my knowledge I have not signed up for the newsletter and cancelled it.
  • @RosyStarling Good Day to you!! I had sent an e-mail yesterday itself to support in regard to this issue, This is the reply that I have received from them. [I'm sorry it is against the Community Guidelines to publish Customer Service reponses - Rosy] If I am not mistaken, the e-mail received mentioned that as soon as we…
  • @RosyStarling Thanks, I have refreshed my browser page but nothing has happened as yet, will wait till morning and contact support if I have not yet received them gifts. Thanks!!
  • Hi Folks,

I signed up for the newsletter, received the e-mail at my registered e-mail address, confirmed the e-mail sent and the browser page closed and I was re-directed to my game page. I still have to receive the gifts as mentioned in the Newsletter Pop. Where do I find the pavilion?

 I wonder…
  • @Exxy (Int1) Thanks for your input in regard to Jam vice-a-versa Labs. I still think that the labs are a good idea, but you need so many Catalysts to produce Special Seeds and Special Seeds are important to have, especially during CC's when a player wants to use the Special Seed along with Seaweed Humus and get a much more…
  • @"Exxy (INT1)" Can you please explain to us simple minded farmers what are the strong points of the Jam Factories which according to you out beats the rest of the updates like in the labs and all. I sure would like to know.
  • Hi Folks,
 I have been reading a few of the posts here in regard to the latest updates that GGS has implemented into the game and I also looked at the various updates that have been implemented over a period of time recently and have realized that this was supposed to be a game which a person played and enjoyed playing…
  • @RosyStarling I am still facing the same issue and it's becoming tiresome, I have to keep changing browsers in order to log in to the game. Can this bug or technical problem, (call it what you want) be sorted out ASAP. Thanks!!
  • @RosyStarling Thank You!!