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  • That's exactly what happened! I rack up 160K+ but it's not enough to beat the guy with 200K without playing. I wonder if they'll make this right.
  • Painfully slow. I indicated in the survey that I would likely quit if they decided to discontinue Flash. I understand the issue with Adobe makes pretty much makes the decision for them; however, the game is now virtually unplayable on my system. So, after almost 5 years, I guess it's time to find something else.
  • Okay I was wrong. It appears (at least so far) that orders for fish will show up more frequently than I first suspected. I still prefer the old setup. Way too many orders include special chum. As it takes a long time to make small batches of chum, I have to forego lots of orders. And so, a lot of my fish won't get sold.
  • Bad Bad Bad Do you even care what your players think about the game any more? I (like others here) have invested a lot of time building a fleet that will now return thousands of fish which I will never have any hope of selling at the fish market's current rate. After 3 years, perhaps it's time I found a new hobby.
  • I have purchased 2 boats - a motorboat with a 10 fish capacity and a runabout with a 12 fish capacity. I have purchased and equipped a large freezer for each (additional 16 fish capacity) before sending them out. So far every run has returned with one fish. So much for the hard worker event results.
  • The opening screen (The Racing Farmer) declares "A busy little bunny has hidden all kinds of eggs and chocolates all over your farm. Can you find them all?" Note that it's a past tense statement - already happened - with a directive to go find them. They've just frustrated a bunch of players (myself included) looking for…