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  • It is based on the level of the player and the level of the research - You may find this thread of interest http://en.board.goodgamestudios.com/bigfarm/showthread.php?63135-Researcher-cost
  • For the most part - I have all three of my farms set up the way I want them and consider them all productive - the main farm is at -87% (still have several architect levels to complete but not going to be building any more productive buildings and there are several decorations I want to upgrade to higher happiness levels),…
  • I think the distinction whether these new decorations that are being released for beginning players will be released to higher level players eventually depends on whether they appear in the decoration tower. The butterfly feeder has not appeared in the decoration tower yet so I am assuming that this decoration will not be…
  • All donations to a co-op is final - whether it is gold or farm dollars and are unrefundable. Gold used to buy a researcher also will not be returned. My understanding is that if the player is in a research that they paid farm dollars for that is automatically refunded to them when you boot them. If they are leaving on…
  • Thanks khoulker I am happy today because it is looking like another nice lazy day to help me recuperate from a hectic work week last week and spending a lot of wonderful time with out of state family visiting. They went home yesterday so the past two days have been blissfully quiet and relaxing helping me recharge for the…
  • You can access the total through your inventory/equipment screen I believe (the one that shows how many mining certificates you have). They added that when they added the garage.
  • I am with Latten - not sure what is meant with this but if you are having trouble harvesting your bakery - you need to sell some of your inventory from your farm management screen (the white pan) making room for the new items.
  • :) Just make sure you are also using sunblock on those cows, farmerjohn - you don't want to ruin their nice complexions by making steak. :)
  • Per Monica - the deals going on now - the offer that doesn't say you get a deal with is 500,000 dollars for 11,900 gold so that equals to 1 gold = approximately 42 dollars if I do my math correctly.
  • No - they don't. Once you have won them they can sit in your inventory until you are ready to plant them - tomorrow, next week, next month :) Most players save them for the next themed event because drop rates are better on them than other seeds and on the Bee Lady event - sunflowers give you 1 bee per field.
  • I am happy today because I got to see my sister who is visiting from California - been two years since her last visit. :)
  • Easiest explanation is found on Larino's website - here is the link (with pictures) - hope this helps :) http://bigfarmtips.wordpress.com/what-are-collectibles-and-what-do-we-use-them-for/
  • The XP adds as soon as you add the last item - not when you tell the computer that you want it in the pop up. Hope that is the issue you are having.
  • the bakery is under the special building section on the gourmet farm's build menu - I am not sure how you got an apple pie without a bakery unless one of the worker bubbles gave it to you.
  • I base my earnings as the actual amount that goes into my account - not subtracting out what the ingredients cost because since I stored them in the storage of the bakery that is no longer an option. So one batch of apple turnovers is 175 and are sold at 280 per turnover - making me 49000 for 26 minutes of work - two…
  • The amounts are related to the maximum storage a player at your level could have if their red barns were updated as much as they can be for that level and if their farm house is updated as much as they can be for that level. As usual, with this game, the computer is told to look at level to figure how much of an item.
  • There are two prime time spending events going on currently - one may be for 3 days and the other for 2 - I haven't been keeping an eye on them that closely.
  • Different seeds always have different drop rates - if you want to see what they are there is a thread started here listing them for this event http://en.board.goodgamestudios.com/bigfarm/showthread.php?111656-Piggles-herbs-numbers
  • And switch the button at the bottom of the screen to the server that each farm is on before logging back in. If they are on the same server, that is against GGS rules and they can possibly ban both farms - if you have two farms on the same server, you need to let support know ASAP that it was a mistake and which one you…