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  • Since this is the case the task should be changed to read :Begin production of Cowshed instead of the usual :Begin production of Milk even if it may say as a hint in the Show me! - - it's still confusing... especially since I'm so used to collecting from the goats.
  • Okay... Well-- Just because an event is up doesn't mean you have to actually do it! I'm not doing viking farm. Usually one of the first two tasks require a donation. Don't donate. Just skip a week if you need a break, or time with your co-op to do projects. Sometimes I find it's helpful to do both; like apple project...…
  • I liked it when the week long events were occuring right after the other. It gives me something to do, and I still want to try and win each level deco. I'm not going to open the island again until I'm at a much higher level, but now there's a Vikings farm --tempting, but... no! & since the island changed perhaps something…
  • Okay, cool. Very helpful... thank you so much!
  • Ok. Are you all trying to make me feel like an idiot? cause I do. I just thought a cottage would look nice next to the shop... that is all. I play this game for "fun". I happen to like making my farms look pretty, so seeing two cabins was weird for me. especially since the silo, composter and nursery look different between…
  • I know huh. I was upset about that too. I wish it'd hold off on having apples on the ship til the event was over or as the event comes to an end. I look at the spreadsheets for events but still had to decide what I wanted to complete more since I didn't have enough apples to do both... even though my storage was completely…
  • well I just sold what tropical crops I did have and I only have enough for lime and grapefruit. I did as much as I could on the island til I ran out of money. I have enough to do what I can on my main farm but at the end of the day I don't have much left. & what little I have I don't want to spend on the island anymore…
  • do the fields give you that much shells? I don't have enough money to transfer to even begin planting something Edit by PINJO: merged posts, please use edit button
  • oh okay thank you. It weirds me out having uneven numbers but i'M saving gold to get the water tower and it's good to know it will get used eventually.
  • Haha. I'll have to think of something clever to call my island for next time
  • hmm it might be. I'll gather more from my workers to see. hopefully I can get up to 10 cause otherwise it's a waste.
  • Oh yeah and the cherry orchard... I got two to help finish one of the events quicker --so will I lose anything by demolishing it? Like does it cost anything? or do I get money back? The only thing I've demolished is shrub when I get a plot of land so I don't know. LOL! The toilet that's hilarious and fitting cause the…
  • I finished the first two steps in chapter 1 and was able to plant enough fruits in the greenhouse to complete at least one boat load. I also had enough shells to get the small palm trees... so I'll be happy with that. But yeah thank you for the input! It'll be great to have more than $80 every night haha. Have either of…