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  • oops i have 4 to pick from jump 8 and 9 and endurance 1 and 2 I figured it was too good to be true thanks for your quick reply! jump 9 and endurance 2..eh ok ty Edit by PINJO: merged posts, please use edit button
  • Thank you I missed that 1 lol nice work!
  • Thanks. Is the Farm Specialist posted somewhere? The steps for the 78 happiness reward? Do ya need the info if not? My spreadsheet doesn't show it ty again
  • Ok thank you I see it now. ^^
  • I Just saw this is already posted in the Bugs section. Sorry I should have looked there first.. So any devs know when they gonna fix it yet?
  • Wow I think 4 months is plenty of time to get these co-op issues straightened out. My opinion. Point is that maybe she was trying to see if any others felt the same way. Any co-op should be a bit frustrated with the unfixed co-op issues, since the gourmet overhaul. They have put in garages, more library stuff, more…
  • Flower Farm (E) I got 50k and Maypole. Old farm. 2 hours 25 mins to uncover. USA 1 Thanks for doing this!
  • Yes you have that right. I know of 4 people including myself that are fed up with the direction game is going. Its not that good, graphics are old,cant even turn an item 3 directions which is ridiculous. That's my point, paying so much $$ out for this mediocre game is gonna sink it, my opinion.
  • I feel the same way its getting so blatantly obvious. It's a shame that they just keep coming up with so many things so quickly, that every single one had us spending gold in mind. Fix some of the things we been asking for. Like ability to cancel a mistaken upgrade. Or when we accidentally complete a build with gold. No…
  • Thanks so much for your quick reply, much appreciated. :o) Happy Farming
  • I have spun wheel and won all the 6 tokens 2 times. That's prolly 2 of 12 or something I dunno. Just so ya know you can actually win the tokens needed to get to final wheel. I got Playground once and Sunflower seeds second time. I have won free tokens and harvested them too. So you know, lol good luck everyone!
  • :S This may be a dumb question but here goes. For example, it says on wheat book +14 level 1. Is that 14 more per field or 14 total per harvest? It says total, so I just wanted to make sure. Thanks