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  • It wasn't the browser, as everything else in the game was clickable. It's a GGS glitch. It has resolved itself, and is now working. It was just that one thing I couldn't access. 
  • No, it's the actual BF% Sale! on my game screen, the one next to the notification circle on one side, and the happiness/workers total on the other. I'll wait for it to start working again. Hopefully before the clock runs out on the daily bundle.
  • Bugs Bunny is correct. The daily bundles are a part of the BF Sale! section, and not part of the standard gold purchase (where you get the 120/150%/co-op offer for a gold purchase). I'm buying the daily bundles and it works out a lot cheaper than buying the regular gold (non-offer price).
  • You really can't cheat in this game ( I certainly haven't heard of any hacks and GGS would be all over that. And if you are a gold player (like me), everything except diamonds is achievable quickly. I have 6 level 5 Cowsheds and can easily do 50,000 milk in a mission (seaweed feed and instant repeater). My best was…
  • GGS have done it again. They have removed the Balloon WoF, and the ability to buy the tokens. Well thanks for that. I just bought 300 balloon tokens prior to this "wonderful" upgrade, so that was a waste of money. If GGS are not going to return the Balloon, then they should refund those of us who bought tokens recently. :/ 
  • She forgot what she was going to say. It happens :)
  • I have Stunning Supplies on my screen at the moment on the AU server. Maybe it depend son your level or server? :)
  • I have to strongly agree with all the comments here. Taking away the last gold boxes from Benefit bundles was simply a nasty and spiteful move against us. The balloon tokens no longer give goldflowers, nor any decent decorations or skins etc. Just the same old useless stuff over and over. I'm not sure if the CEO wants to…
  • Well, I still got 200 odd silver boxes with heaps of various seaweed stuff, 100s of normal tokens, 100s of Sunflower seeds (good for fast cash and the flowers offer 10,000+ experience). But yes, I still think the 700 gold boxes need to return to make it a fair price. :)
  • I just bought the 750 Balloon Tokens/1,500 normal tokens. Scored stacks of silver boxes. but no goldflowers. Then I struck the jackpot and gained 100,000 gold yet again (after just 150 spins) :) If they have removed the gold boxes (excepting the Benefit Bundles), then there's really not much to offer in the Balloon…
  • Dangit. Forgot about that part. D'uh me :|
  • The sweet apiary, if you receive it, will appear in the themed buildings tab in your inventory :)
  • Suddenly it's reappeared as normal again ... a glitch? :|
  • Go to your Inventory (gift box icon), from the left, go to the second last tab on the right which is the themed buildings. It may be there. This is where I have found some items when purchased with Champ Coins. Also, check if the appearances is showing a page tab. ie 1/2 1/3 etc. 
  • I'm very surprised that GGS have removed it. It's a cash cow for them. Especially when it has an offer on Super Sale. It also gives rewards that are pretty hard to come by in the game. Like large duck coops, large cowsheds etc. 
  • Are we talking about the Co-operative Championships? Because according to the icon at the top of my game screen, it's reading 7 Hours 46 mins until it starts. 
  • I'm not fussed over the boxes any more. I find some are handy, especially the farmland sales. You get used to them. Although it seems that the Balloon Wheel of Fortune has disappeared into the void. It's an odd feeling when I can't see it hovering over the car park. :| 
  • I've scored the 100k jackpot on the Balloon Wheel of Fortune 3 times (minimal tokens), so it does happen :) Also, the times I've played the Fortune Teller I've always doubled my gold. But I only play once when she appears. After that I think she's going to eat your gold >:)
  • SWEET - Fox On The Run :smiley: http://youtu.be/VP2umy6TdEU