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  • Do we have to complete all three chapters in order to open the horse ranch? Thanks?(
  • I think this is the best update in a while. As a player who does not do missions or a cooperative, this is perfect for how I play. Since the ship arrived, I have been checking in on my farm several times a day instead of once. Thanks :D
  • Ladygrail, please don't feel like a fool. :( Your posts have been a big help to me. ;) I am doing the only thing I can do. I am not buying any more gold. If GGS wants me to spend more money, they will have to make some changes. As I said before, the way they treated players with this change told me everything I needed to…
  • Latten, thank you for the acknowledgment. I am just speaking for myself when I say that if the happiness change had been presented this way in the first place, I would have understood more. There would still be some disappointment, but I would have had time to process the changes. It means a lot to hear this. And thank you…
  • Well, I couldn't have been more disappointed with this update. I am an unusual player in that I do not have a lot of time to spend each day on the farm. I usually check in two or three times a day. Because of a personal life that does not afford me a lot of free time, I never joined a co-op or did missions. But I loved…