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  • I'll start with what I do like: I like that the button for the blue feed tab is no longer underneath the seaweed feed button....I've wasted too much of that stuff due to that problem.. I like that we have can have bigger farms now, although I'm not sure if I can afford the price tag on the real estate $35 million is a bit…
  • I agree with JVD, I either do solo missions or with people many, many levels higher than I am. I have just leveled up to 76. I'm still developing my farms. I get placed in missions with people twice my level. Or I get a solo. Neither one is much fun. Is this something the devs could please look into ? Many thanks, Elaine.
  • Buying gold is easy, if you have the money to buy it. But knowing where to put it, how to spend it, to get the most out of our farms, is The KEY to being a winner. Mary and Mark spent a LOT of time figuring this out, how to get the best, and have shared this with all of the team. I was struggling with a lame co-op when I…
  • Farmer wife, Cmiller, I can assure you it isn't only money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ that got the BP back in first. I personally play all day long, I'm disabled so this game fills my life. Most of the BP plays the same way.. some while at work. Some work at home. We got the lead because of dedication and HARD work. Besides, pot…
  • Really ?!? Seems like you both slammed Brat Pack, but then, maybe I'm overly sensitive. GGS reduces every ones rep points by 10% (percent) ON A WEEKLY BASIS to level the playing field. Sounds like the bright people at GGS have already come up with a fix.
  • Wow, MYTPYRO and GuestCMiller2, (both Mission Café) sorry you're so bitter. MC has more members, had a huge lead and just couldn't hang on to it. Most of the Brat Pack was unaware when the coop-cha started. Once we caught on, we played hard and overtook you. I'm proud to be a Brat, maybe you're just a wee bit jealous ?
  • Hey Dixie Daisy. Like you, I kept getting missions against people WAY above my level. I just rolled up to 62 an hour ago and everyone else was 150, 175, 214...(today) I came in last on 4 missions today. After being AFK a while, the next 3 missions were with people under level 100. I also heard that to avoid solo missions…
  • My dog's name is Indy. I used to have a Shetland Sheepdog named Indy