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  • Woah Thats not a nice person, I love big farm, mind you it does posses me at times and I have tried twice now to just not play, it didn't work as you can see. Just ignore them I would say they are a bit jelly to, most people are very nice of course you will always get the odd few who will spoil it for others, aussie_mark…
  • So agree with both you guys, To be honest I really just can't be bothered with the co op championships anymore I just don't have the time
  • Seems like the year 2018 may be the year for Bugs, does anything work in the game, HWE Gold Fish and Candy farm and now the wedding event. its very frustrating to click collect and send stuff somewhere only to have it go no where, is everybody still on holiday. com on big Farm you take our time you take our Money time to…
  • Being Fairly new to the game and taking our time about everything until we realized how competitive the game really is, I really just don't get how a low lvl 50|60, or even lower can compete with a Level 300 / 400 with 28,000 corn and in first place on the board in less than a minute the lower levels have no way of ever…